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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2277

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2277
“Don’t worry, they haven’t been worn before,” replied the old man in an indifferent tone.

Sheepishly nodding in response, Gerald then hung his clothes by the fire before sitting in front of the old man as he asked, “So… Do you know why I’m here, senior?”

“Do you think I know divination techniques or something?” replied the old man as he rolled his eyes.

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“Well… I’m here to uncover the secrets of Yearning Island. From what the descendants of the Seadom tribe told me, all the important records of their tribe were kept here…” muttered Gerald with a sigh.

“Yearning Island? Seadom tribe?” replied the old man, looking slightly confused.

Seeing that, Gerald was prompted to ask, “Perhaps… I could look around myself…?”

“By all means. As I’ve said, everything in here is yours since you have the Herculean Primordial Spirit within you. I’m just here to guard your belongings,” replied the old man as he continued warming himself by the fire.

Nodding with a sigh, Gerald then got to his feet before walking toward the bookshelves in the stone chamber while saying, “For context, my parents and sister have been imprisoned on that island. With the help of the sea map that I previously obtained here, we managed to find the descendants of the Seadom tribe who then told us that the secrets to getting to Yearning Island were within these ancient ruins…”

“Then go ahead and start searching,” replied the old man without even lifting his head.

Hearing that, Gerald then nodded before starting to browse through the many books there.

Shortly after, the old man yawned before waving his hand slightly prompting the fire to move a bit closer to Gerald’s wet clothes and saying, “While I may be prying, with your power, you should ’ve easily been able to protect your family. Unless, of course, you’ve offended some powerful people in the cultivation realm.”

“In a way. My grandfather’s the culprit,” replied Gerald as he momentarily stopped flipping through a book.

“Oh? How interesting… Are you telling me that your family fell out with your grandfather, resulting in him kidnapping them? If that’s the case, why didn’t he kidnap you as well?” asked the old man with a slightly raised brow.

“Beats me,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

Waving his hand fan for a while, the old man then laid on his bed before saying, “What a queer turn of events… Regardless, I hope you’re aware that you’ve just learned the basics of the Herculean Primordial Spirit. With that said, if your grandfather is really strong, you may not be his opponent.”

“Even so, I still have to try,” replied Gerald as he gritted his teeth, knowing how true the old man’s words were.

“Good luck finding information on whatever that island’s name is then,” said the old man as he closed his eyes.

“Yearning Island,” replied Gerald in a calm tone.

Upon hearing snoring, Gerald couldn’t help but turn around with a slightly raised brow. Realizing that the man had fallen asleep, Gerald went silent, not wanting to accidentally wake him up.

Following that, aside from the occasional sound of Gerald’s footsteps, pages flipping, and the crackling of burning wood, all else was silent. Even the old man stopped snoring after a while. Regardless, throughout that period, Gerald made sure to carefully read through every page he came across, fearing that the record on Yearning Island would end up being just a simple and easily miss-able footnote.

Unfortunately for him, there were bookshelves against all four of the walls. From what he could tell, there were at least a hundred books on each bookshelf, and it was honestly way more than Gerald had anticipated.

Truth be told, he had expected the old man to just get him the book that he needed the second he mentioned Yearning Island. Sadly, that simply wasn’t the case, and he was pretty much forced to slowly flip through all the books there. While it was certainly annoying, this was the only way to get the information he needed.

After quite some time, Gerald found his eyesight getting blurrier and blurrier. However, he didn’t dare stop since he had barely even finished reading a fifth of the books there. How frustrating.

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