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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2278

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2278
Just as he was starting to smoke and rest his eyes for a bit , Gerald heard the old man say, “Found what you were looking for?”

“Not yet,” replied Gerald with a sigh.

“I see. You should know that there are at least a thousand books in here, with most of them about cultivation skills and the others being historical records. With that said, if you really want information on that island, I’m afraid you’ll need a minimum of half a month,” said the old man while rolling off his bed.

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“Is there no better way to do this…?” muttered Gerald as he watched the old man walk toward him.

“Of course, not! Though the ancient ruins have existed for over a thousand years, I’ve only been here for the past sixty of them. Even then, I’ve yet to touch a single book in here!” replied the old man as he sat beside Gerald before looking up.

Stubbing his cigarette out, Gerald then got to his feet before reaching for a book as he said, “How troublesome…”

Despite how time consuming all this was, Gerald knew better than to give up. After all, this was his best shot of learning the secrets of Yearning Island.

Regardless, seeing that Gerald had resumed reading, the old man went silent before eventually deciding to head back to bed to take another nap.

Waking up again sometime later, he stared at Gerald for a while before leaving the cave, his hands against his back Around half an hour later, the old man returned with a few bags.

Moving a stone table up to Gerald’s back, the old man then placed the bags on it before saying, “Alright, time to eat You’ll need the energy if you want to keep searching.”

Realizing that the senior had brought food back, Gerald then straightened his stiff neck before replying, “I appreciate it, Senior.”

Watching as Gerald loosened his muscles, the old man then sat before tearing off a chicken drumstick and asking, “So, do you only plan on leaving after you’ve found the information you need?”

“Most probably,” replied Gerald in a casual tone.

“Then be prepared to sleep outside. There’s only one bed here,” said the old man as he pointed at his stone bed.

“You’re being a bit too much, don’t you think…?” muttered Gerald, feeling slightly speechless.

“Were you thinking of sleeping on my bed then?” replied the old man as he raised a slight brow.

“…No, of course not…” said Gerald with a sigh. Truth be told, he didn’t mind sleeping on the floor, but at the very least, he wanted to sleep someplace away from the wind and rain.

“Speaking of which, where’s the general area of that island?” asked the old man who had nearly finished eating the entire chicken on his own.

“Northbay,” replied Gerald.

“Finally, a familiar name. If I’m not mistaken, there’s an ancient book about the islands in Northbay on that bookshelf, though I’m not sure which book it is,” said the old man as he licked his fingers clean before pointing at one of the shelves.

“Oh?” replied Gerald, his eyes momentarily glinting with excitement.

“Relax, kid, get some rest after eating. You can continue once you wake up. From what I can tell, the rain should last for at least three more days, so it’s not like you can leave anytime soon,” said the old man as he took another roasted chicken out of another bag.

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