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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2280

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2280
“To create fire out of thin air, you first need to create a resonance between your own power and the power of heaven and earth. With that said, you can use your essential qi to mobilize the natural elements. Know, however, that creating fire is one of the simplest things. From what I’ve heard, the great masters in ancient times were capable of overturning mountains and even making the sun and moon vanish with a simple gesture!” explained the old man with a longing gaze, knowing that that was the true limit of cultivation.

Unfortunately, a cultivator capable of that hadn’t appeared in over a thousand years. After all, not only did one need to be extremely talented, but they also needed to have great skill and luck before they could even remotely succeed in achieving such greatness.

Up on hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but mutter, “But… isn’t making the sun and moon vanish impossible…?”

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Gerald, for one, had received enough education to know that it was literally impossible to control the sun or moon. Such an action simply violated the most basic of natural laws!

Hitting Gerald on the head with a karate chop, the old man simply snapped, “Did you seriously just take me as a fool? Haven’t you heard of figurative language before?!”

Watching as Gerald who was now holding onto the bump on his head groaned in pain, the old man then added, “Regardless, once you reach a certain level of cultivation, you’ll be able to form a connection with the surrounding natural energy. It’s been raining cats and dogs for a few days now, right?”

“Indeed…” muttered Gerald as he checked on his clothes that were now fully dried.

“Look at my palm,” replied the old man as he extended his dry hand, prompting Gerald to keep a close eye on it Watching as the old man frowned before moving his palm slightly, Gerald was soon able to feel moisture around him. As he stared on, Gerald was surprised to see more and more water droplets forming on the old man’s palm. Soon enough, there was enough to form a small puddle.

As water began dripping from the old man’s hand and onto the concrete floor, the stunned Gerald who hadn’t witnessed such a technique before couldn’t help but ask, “Is… this natural energy as well…?”

“But of course! This is merely an example of how my cultivation resonates with the surrounding natural energy. With how heavily it’s been raining these past few days, I could flood this cave in a matter of seconds if I wanted! Would you like to see that?” asked the old man with a grin as he clapped his hands together.

“Please don’t!” yelled Gerald, knowing that this cave was filled with his possessions. If the old man really decided to flood this place, then forget the treasures stored in here, he’d probably lose his once chance of locating Yearning Island!

“Heh. Either way, since you have the Herculean Primordial Spirit in your body, once your cultivation gets to my level, you’ll be way stronger than me. Since I can mobilize the natural energy within ten kilometers at my level, you’d probably be able to mobilize at least a hundred kilometers by then,” replied the old man as he outstretched his hand toward the bookshelf and a split second later, a single book was launched from the shelf toward him!

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