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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2281

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2281
He grabbed the book steadily and continued reading after licking his finger.

Gerald did not stay idle. Instead, he cleaned up the stone table, walked to the previous bookshelf, and started rummaging.

Meanwhile, in the Grubb family, under the instructions of the butler, the footage of the surveillance system over the recent week was checked.

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“Where is Gerald?” Lucian glanced at the footage and turned around to ask the butler behind him.

“Master, Mr. Gerald has gone out this morning, saying that he is investigating something. He estimated that he would take around two to three days to come back,” said the butler.

“Where is the young man who came with him? ” Lucian asked.

“In the guest room. However, this gentleman has not been in a very good mood. He didn’t eat the three meals sent to him today. He only asked for a few cups of water from the servants,” said the butler.

“Sigh. I guess the higher ups from Weston must have put pressure on him to get Lindsay out safely of Yanam. Still, with the information we have now, let alone save her, we don’t even know who abducted her and where she is.”

Lucian put his hands on the table and sighed.

“Master, should we ask for help in your name from a few families and consortia that are close to us to investigate if there have been any kidnapping cases or any strange situations recently?”

Although the butler had been working under orders, he had been thinking about how to solve this matter all the time.

“You’re right. You go and handle it in my name.”

Lucian frowned, and after thinking it over for a while, he said immediately, “Right, go and call the special forces agent over. Since Gerald is not here, let him take a look at the footage.”

“No problem.” The butler responded and left right away.

After a while, Aiden knocked on the door and came in, his face extremely gloomy. He hadn’t received any news of Lindsay over these two days, and he even suspected she had been killed.

“You‘re Baker, right?” Seeing Aiden come in, Lucian asked.

“Yes.” Aiden nodded.

“Here is the footage of the manor over these seven days. I have ordered my men to look at all of them all day today. Nothing strange was found. It can almost rule out the possibility of the Grubb family being involved with Lindsay’s incident.”

Lucian pointed at the men going through the footage on the computer screen as he spoke.

“It’s not the Grubb family. Then, What should be the situation?” Aiden believed Lucian’s words. After all, when they talked about this last night, he had been present.

“We don’t know yet. I’ve just ordered the butler to ask the families and consortia in Yanam who are close to us to help investigate. I think there should be some clues.”

Lucian got up and poured a glass of water for Aiden.

“Thank you, Uncle Grubb. ” Aiden took it with both hands and nodded his head to thank him.

“Don’t pressure yourself too much. If something truly happens to Lindsay and your higher-ups blame you, the Lawrence family and I will prove that you have done your best.” Seeing Aiden’s dejected face, Lucian couldn’t help but pat his shoulder and comfort him.

Aiden was just about the same age as his own youngest son.

“No. Nothing will happen to Miss Lindsay.” No one expected that after hearing Lucian’s words, Aiden’s eyes became stern immediately. Even the cup he was holding was cracked by his grip.

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