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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2282

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2282
Lucian was a little surprised and wondered why Aiden’s reaction was so intense, but he didn’t question the latter any further.

“We all know that Lindsay will definitely not be in danger. Don’t worry! ” Lucian continued.

“By the way, Patriarch Lucian, do you think it could be the work of the war department of Yanam?” Aiden dragged Lucian into a small room, closed the door, and asked in a soft voice.

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“What do you mean?” Lucian frowned.

“You should know that Brother Gerald and I have had a conflict with the war department of Yanam before, right?” Aiden gulped and asked. Ever since he had woken up, this thought had been on his mind the whole day. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was possible.

“I know. Gerald killed the high elders of the three largest families, and even the former head of the war department, Godwin Linwod, has disappeared strangely. This was also done by you guys, right?”

Lucian nodded. This matter was no longer a secret in Yanam. Everyone knew about it, but no one dared to talk about it in public.

“So, could it be that the war department held a grudge and abducted Miss Lindsay, and the Lawrence family could not have started a dispute between Weston and Yanam, so they chose to hide it from my higher ups?” Aiden continued. He had prepared to break the news when Gerald came back.

“Hmm…” Lucian’s face turned somewhat gloomy.

Aiden’s words were not entirely unreasonable. It was indeed possible for the war department to capture Lindsay. If that was really the case, it was right for Mr. Lawrence to not tell the truth.

“I’ll investigate the army!” Seeing Lucian’s reaction, Aiden was even more certain.

“Wait, don’t rush!” Lucian grabbed Aiden’s arm.

“Uncle Grubb, we cannot wait anymore. Miss Lindsay may be being tortured even at this moment. I have to save her as soon as possible to ensure her safety!” Aiden was very emotional.

“How are you going to go there?” Lucian held him tightly.

“Of course I’m going by car!” Aiden felt a little baffled.

From here to the war department of Yanam, it took at least three hours of driving. If he walked there, he would have no strength left by the time he got there.

“I’m not talking about that.”

“Although Yanam is not as strong as Weston, it is still a war department. There are countless soldiers and guns inside. With you going there alone, what other consequence would you face other than you getting killed by them? Besides, do you have a gun in your hand?”

Lucian sized Aiden up and asked slowly.

“I…” Aiden was dumbfounded. He had indeed neglected this aspect. Although he was the King of Soldier, the war department of Yanam was not weak Besides, when he had taken his leave, he had already handed over his gun and bullets. From head to toe, he didn’t even have a bayonet.

“So, although this may likely be the work of the war department, you still have to wait here at least until Gerald comes back to discuss the next step.” Seeing that Aiden had calmed down, Lucian lowered his tone slightly.

“Then, we can’t just sit here and wait. Brother Gerald said that he will come back in two to three days, but we can’t be sure.” Aiden knew what Gerald was going to do. So, two to three days was the shortest estimation, but as for how long it would take, it was not certain.

“How about this? I have a few friends in the war department. We can ask them to look into it.” Lucian didn’t know why Aiden was so impatient, but Lindsay was his niece, so he would try everything he could.

“Thank you, Uncle Grubb.” Aiden clasped his fist and bowed deeply to Lucian.

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