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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2285

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2285
Gerald walked to the front of the bookshelf and continued to search with the cigarette still in his mouth.

Meanwhile, as Gerald was still looking for the records of the Seadom tribe, far away in a secret base in the outskirts of Yanam, Lindsay had already been locked up there for three days.

She had been locked up in an almost pitch-black prison with no light, and there were only about four to five square feet of space. When she walked forward, she could feel the cold iron bars.

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An impatient and noisy voice came from the distance. Not long after that, Lindsay saw the light of a flashlight. It was with this faint light that she was able to see her surroundings.

She was indeed in a very small prison. The surroundings seemed to be of the same construction, but it seemed like she was the only one being held here. Lindsay never heard any other voice or saw anyone else sending food to the other cells.

Just as she was thinking about this, a rather old lunchbox was thrown into her cell.

“Where am I?” Lindsay gathered her courage to ask.

Not long after Aiden had sent her home, she had received an order from her father to return to Yanam once more to give Uncle Grubb a surprise, and the surprise gift was in her pocket, wrapped in an envelope. However, once she had arrived in Yanam, the moment she had gotten off the plane, she had been ambushed from the back, and her mouth had been covered with a wet towel. No matter how hard she struggled, she could not break free. When she had woken up again from the effect of the anesthesia, she was already here.

As for the envelope and other things with her, they were all gone. Only her clothes were left.

“Girl, I’m warning you not to ask, or else you might lose your life here.” A deep voice rang out.

“Are you a Westoner?” Hearing the voice, Lindsay was a little startled. “Am I in Weston or Yanam?”

“If you ask once more, your life might just be taken away.” The other party did not say much and left right away.

Lindsay called out a few times but did not get any reply. She could only helplessly look for the lunchbox in the dark and eat the mediocre food. Although it tasted rather bad, if she did not eat, she might really die here.

After drinking the water in the lunchbox and filling her stomach, Lindsay started thinking about why she was here.

No matter how much she thought about it, she could not figure out how it had happened.

Her heart was filled with anxiety and fear, and she suddenly thought of Gerald and Aiden. Although it was dangerous being by their side and they did not take care of her as the young lady of a large family, she had, nevertheless, always been safe.

Lindsay knew clearly that with either Gerald or Aiden by her side, she would not have ended up in this situation.

Now that she was locked up here, she was not even sure if she was in Weston or Yanam. She didn’t even know who the other party was. The only thing she could do was stay in this small space.

After the man had delivered her meal, he went back the way he had come, up through the stairs. She got to know the reason this place was dark was because it was underground.

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