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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2286

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2286
A thick iron door was installed to the house and the prison, and not a beam of light could come in.

“Do you think it’s necessary to transfer all the people locked up here just because of this girl?” When he came up, a man in the uniform of the war department of Yanam asked.

These two people were the soldiers of the war department. They had been ordered to guard Lindsay. One of them was a leader of a small team of the war department, and another one was his subordinate.

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“Don’t ask. This is not what we should know. Since it is a mission from the higher ups, we should just follow the order without question. Be careful not to get into trouble!” The one who had come up from the prison was the leader. Hearing his subordinate’s words, he scolded him hurriedly in a low voice.

“There are only two of us here. Besides, I am just whining to you, Leader. How can I say this to other people?” Being stuck here for two days, the subordinate felt rather bored.

Apart from the man who sent food and drinks on time every morning by car, he would not see anyone else the whole day, and not even a sound could be heard.

“Anyway, you should not talk nonsense. From what I know, this is a very important matter. What we are doing now is a secret mission for the war department. If you are not afraid to die, you can keep on mentioning this. If you get into trouble, don’t involve me.”

The captain apparently did not dare to say much. After saying that, he stopped.

The subordinate did not want to make a fool of himself, so he stopped talking.

Unexpectedly, just after their conversation, a car stopped outside.

“Remember, don’t say a word. You might want to die, but I don’t!” The captain reminded him in a soft voice before running to open the door.

“I know.” The subordinate nodded and cleaned up the table quickly.

Before the captain could open the door, the door was pushed open, and a middle aged man with a senior arm badge of the Yanam war department came in. Behind him, there were four armed soldiers.

“Is there anything?” Once the middle aged man came in, he asked.

“No. Ever since she was locked up, she has been staying in the cell obediently. When I bring her food, I talk to her in the Weston language as instructed. She is probably wondering if she is in Yanam or Weston now.” The captain stood straight and replied.

“Good. When this is over, I will give you all a promotion in rank!” The middle aged man patted him on the shoulder in satisfaction.

This middle aged man was none other than the man who had reported to Carter Lucab about Gerald’s arrival in Yanam and the person in charge who wanted to send the fleet to get rid of them. Since he felt that Carter Lucab had not done anything after becoming the chief, he had decided to secretly handle it himself. By the time he had gotten everything done, he would then take Carter’s place and become the new chief. Besides, he believed that after he had confessed everything he had done, the whole war department would support him.

“Thank you, Sir!” said the captain and his subordinate in chorus.

“I came here today not just to check the situation, but also to tell you that from today onward, there will not just be the two of you here. I will send a small armed team here every day.” The middle-aged man paused momentarily as he spoke.

“Is there any danger?” Hearing this, the two immediately felt a bit scared and asked hurriedly.

“Not for now.” The middle aged man denied.

Actually, the reason for his action was very simple. When he had abducted Lindsay after Gerald’s departure from Yanam, he had already sent his men to keep watch on the Lawrence family. The moment Lindsay had left, they had followed her and carried out the abduction when she had arrived at Yanam.

He did that because he wanted to use Lindsay to make Gerald return so that he could make him fall into the traps that he had prepared in advance.

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