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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2287

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2287
As long as he could kill Gerald, he would be able to establish his position in the war department.

Still, he didn’t expect that Gerald would actually come back, and when he suggested this to Carter, his suggestion had been firmly rejected. If they had followed his suggestion, Gerald would have died at sea by now.

But now, they had let Gerald enter Yanam. He remembered clearly what had happened the last time Gerald had come, so he was worried that Gerald would find this place. After all, the impact Gerald had given him the last time was too strong. He had to be well prepared.

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“We are not afraid of any danger!” The captain simply did not care about what he was saying and bit the bullet as he agreed to it.

“You can go out and prepare. Do it fast.” The middle aged man nodded and waved his hand at the people outside.

“Yes!” Unexpectedly, apart from the few standing at the door, a dozen men from outside also replied in unison.

“What is this?” The captain asked carefully.

“I am setting up traps around this place. You two don’t have to go out for the time being. I will send you food and water daily,” said the middle aged man.

“Understood!” The captain replied quickly.

“Is she inside?” The middle aged man pointed at the iron door.

“Yes,” said the captain.

“Bring me to her.” The middle-aged man walked toward the iron door.

The captain took a few steps quickly and walked in front of the middle aged man to open the iron door. Then, he illuminated the path with a flashlight. Walking along the long path, they finally came to the cell where Lindsay was being held.

“Lindsay Lawrence.” Looking at the woman in the cell, the middle aged man revealed a smile on his face. This was the bargaining chip he was going to use to threaten Gerald. He knew that as long as Lindsay was in his hand, Gerald would step into his trap sooner or later.

“Who are you?” Seeing the light from the flashlight, Lindsay stood up and asked.

“You don’t have to know who I am. You just have to know that as long as you stay here obediently, you will be doing me a great favor. However, if you think of doing something else, I will kill you without hesitation.”

The middle aged man walked forward and talked to Lindsay from across the iron bars.

“You are from the war department of Yanam, right?” Lindsay stared at the man, and when the flashlight swayed, she saw the arm badge on his arm.

“That’s right. I am indeed from the war department of Yanam. But what can you do even if you know about this? Can you send a message out from here? Don’t forget that all your belongings have been confiscated. You can only shout.”

The middle aged man laughed loudly.

“Okay, then. I will just stay here.” After knowing his identity, Lindsay understood that it was no use for her to say anything. She turned around and sat down in the innermost part of the cell.

“Keep a firm eye on her. If anything happens to her, I will take your lives, understand?” After talking to Lindsay, the middle aged man turned to the captain and spoke in a low voice.

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