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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2293

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2293
“… Are you saying that Maddox’ s actions simply coincided with your return? As in, he kidnapped Lindsay to lure you back and finally deal with you, not knowing that you were planning to return anyway…?” said Lucian as he tapped on his desk

“It’s certainly a possibility,” replied Gerald.

“Indeed… Regardless, I’ve already told my friend to keep an eye out on Maddox. With that said, he’ll definitely notify me the second Maddox does anything weird. With any luck, we’ll soon get the opportunity to tail Maddox and hopefully be able to save Lindsay. So, what do you think, Gerald? Any better suggestions?” asked Lucian.

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“Not at all. I’m fine with that plan,” replied Gerald with a nod, knowing that going with Lucian’s plan was probably their best bet of saving Lindsay, at least for the moment

The second his sentence ended, one of Lucian’s servants entered the room with a dripping umbrella in hand before saying, “There are a few people claiming to be Gerald’s friends at the door, master.”

“How many are there?” asked Gerald.

Upon hearing that, the servant went silent for a moment before eventually replying, “Three, I presume. Unfortunately, it was a bit too dark for me to say for certain…”

Nodding in response, Gerald then said, “Invite them in.”

Though Lucian knew that Gerald wouldn’t just invite anyone random to his house, he couldn’t help but ask, “… Care sharing who those individuals are…?”

“Of course. One of them is a good friend, and the other is the young lady of Japan’s Futaba family. As for the third person, he’s an elder from another Japanese family. In case you’re worried about their trustworthiness, I know all of them well, Mr. Grubb,”

Explained Gerald.

“Glad to hear,” replied Lucian as he noted down everything that Gerald had just told him.

Shortly after, Jobson’s voice could be heard saying, “I’ve heard that the Grubbs are quite influential in Yanam. To think that you were acquainted with such a great family!”

Upon realizing that Jobson, Fujiko, and Master Ghost who were being led into the reception room by the servant from before were here, Gerald immediately got to his feet before greeting, “Senior Jobson!”

Seeing that, Lucian quickly got up as well, understanding that Jobson was no ordinary person since even Gerald respected him.

As the butler immediately began serving the three new faces some hot tea, Jobson walked over to Lucian before placing his hands together and saying, “Ah, you must be Mr. Grubb! I’ve heard quite a bit about you!”

Before Lucian could reply, Gerald could be seen gesturing toward the seat beside him as he said, “Whatever the case is, do take a seat first, sir. After all, I’m sure the journey here was long and tiring.”

Hearing that, Jobson then nodded as he, Master Ghost, and Fujiko took their seats. Once seated, Jobson was prompted to ask, “So… I’m assuming you’ve found a way to save that missing girl?”

“We have, though it’ll probably be a while before we manage to get any results,” replied Gerald as he poured more tea for Jobson.

Having a feeling that Gerald still wanted to talk about other things with them, Lucian then cleared his throat as he said, “Regardless, it’s getting rather late so I’ll be excusing myself first. Also, your rooms have already been prepared, so once you’re all ready to turn in, just tell the servant who led you in to bring you there.”

Following that, Lucian gave his butler a brief glance, and the two then began leaving the room with umbrellas in hand.

“Thanks for having us, Mr. Grubb!” called out Jobson just seconds before Gerald closed the reception room’s door behind them.

Once the two were gone, Jobson’s smile instantly vanished as he whispered, “So… Since you called all of us here, I’m assuming you’ve made progress in our main mission?”

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