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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2295

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2295
“C-come again…? Are you sure you didn’t mistranslate…?” replied Gerald as his expression stiffened.

“Unfortunately, while I may mistranslate a word or two, I doubt that I’d get an entire section wrong…” muttered Master Ghost with a sigh, knowing that his translation was probably right on the mark.

Upon hearing that, Gerald flopped onto his chair, feeling immensely drained.

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“G-Gerald?!” called out Aiden as he rushed to Gerald’s side.

“I’m fine, I just… need a moment…” muttered Gerald as he closed his eyes while waving his hand. This was simply too much, even for him.

After all, every clue he got only seemed to lead him further down the rabbit hole. While he had initially thought that he’d be able to get to the island by locating the Seadom tribe, that only ended up leading him to the ancient ruins of Yanam in search of his answer. Despite all his efforts to obtain this book, however, he now apparently had to search for yet another island.

It certainly didn’t help that he’d probably need to scour through that entire island to even remotely stand a chance of finding a way to get to Yearning Island. All these repeated let downs were starting to take a serious toll on his morale.

Truth be told, he was now most worried that he’d fail to get to Yearning Island even after finding the island that the Seadom tribe had relocated to. How much longer did he need to wait in order to reunite with his family…?

Looking at the disheartened boy, Jobson cleared his throat as he got to his feet before saying, “Well, I’m feeling rather sleepy, so I’ll leave you young people to talk among yourselves.”

Realizing that Jobson was leaving, Fujiko gave Aiden a look before whispering, “You said you were sleepy earlier, right? Let’s head back to our rooms together. It’s dark outside, so I’m a little unsettled to go out there alone…”

“I’m not sleepy… I’m staying here with Gerald,” replied Aiden who failed to get her hint.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake…! Just come along… ! ” grumbled Fujiko as she glanced at the exhausted looking Gerald.

“Fine…” muttered Aiden. Though he still didn’t get the message, he still obediently followed her out and with that, the only people left in the room were Gerald and Master Ghost.

A short while later, Master Ghost took a cigarette out before handing it to Gerald and saying, “Care to have one?”

Taking in a deep breath now feeling much calmer than before, Gerald then frowned slightly before asking, “Are you sure you translated it correctly?”

“Most of it, yes. So, what’s our next step? From what I can gather, the island mentioned by the book should be the one we had previously seen in the corner of the sea map. The one where we saw the Seadom tribe performing the sacrificial ritual,” replied Master Ghost who was just relieved that Gerald was talking again.

“What else can I do? All we can do is try locating that island next…” muttered Gerald with a tired smile.

“It won’t be easy to locate that island,” replied Master Ghost as he began smoking.

“I know… I plan to head to the ancient ruins again to see if that old man will be able to help. After all, he was the one who had located this book for me in the first place,” said Gerald as he thought about the old man.

“Are you heading out already?” asked Master Ghost.

“No, I’ll do that after we save Lindsay. After all, I can’t just postpone things now that we finally have more clues on her case,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

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