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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2296

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2296
“Got it,” replied Master Ghost with a nod.

“Either way, let’s put this incident aside for the moment. I’ll need some time to consider how to resolve the issue,” said Gerald as he puffed on his cigarette as well, now completely calm.

Truth be told, he simply couldn’t figure out how Daryl had led the entire Crawford family to Yearning Island. After all, it was extremely difficult to even locate and get to the place!

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He already had everything needed to get to that island, right? Could the past Daryl have taken the same approach as him to locate Yearning Island…? But if that was the case, then Takuya would’ve surely told him about it. What more, the Futaba’s would’ve surely recorded such a major incident, but since Takuya had been so bewildered when Gerald first mentioned the topic, Gerald was sure that the record didn’t exist.

Regardless, after giving a nod, Master Ghost pointed at the ancient book before replying, “Can I keep that for a while?”

“What do you intend to do?” asked Gerald.

“I’d like to look through it whenever I have the time. While the possibility is low, there’s always a chance that I missed something out,” replied Master Ghost.

“I see… Feel free to take it, then, but keep it safe. I still need to return it to the ancient ruins,” said Gerald with a nod. While the book was useless in his hands, the same didn’t apply when Master Ghost had it.

Watching as Master Ghost then carefully kept the book, Gerald was prompted to stub out his cigarette before getting to his feet with a stretch and saying, “Well, do get some rest for now. We’ll be saving Lindsay first before resuming our main mission…”

After thinking things through, Gerald realized that he wasn’t all that devastated. After all, he already knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to save his family. This failure only solidified that the journey was going to be a complicated and dangerous one.

He hadn’t obtained any new information about the Sun League either, though Gerald was pretty sure that he would only get the slightest chance of learning a thing about them once he got rid of the Crawfords. While achieving that would surely be no piece of cake, Gerald had made up his mind. He wasn’t stopping till he got to his goal.

Either way, upon returning to his room and getting a cold shower, Gerald was able to put those thoughts away just in time for him to turn in for the night.

Fast forward to the next morning, Gerald was determined not to talk about the incident again. With that in mind, he immediately went off to look for Lucian and the others to discuss how they were going to get more news from the military.

“Really?!” exclaimed Aiden once they were all gathered with excitement after hearing Lucian’s good news.

“Indeed! Remember that friend of mine? He was able to eavesdrop on a conversation between Maddox and his subordinates!” replied Lucian with a nod.

“He must not have wanted to attract unnecessary attention. After all, he did do all this at night, which is rather suspicious, to say the least…” muttered Gerald though he knew better than to slander them without any evidence. Still, after obtaining all this information, it was getting clearer and clearer that those from the Yanam military especially Maddox were involved in this affair.

“Truly so… Regardless, since my friend didn’t follow him not wanting to accidentally expose himself and get into trouble with the military, we don’t exactly know where he went…” said Lucian.

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