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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2297

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2297
Upon hearing that, Gerald quickly replied, “No worries there. Aiden and I will just head over to have a look.”

“Agreed!” added Aiden who would’ve requested to do so even if Gerald hadn’t wanted him to come along in the first place.

Hearing that, Fujiko then said, “I’m coming along too!”

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“Just stay here. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely ask for your help in the future when I need it,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“But… I’m stronger than Aiden! ” muttered Fujiko, feeling slightly puzzled.

“Take into consideration that we’ll be making our move at night. With that said, it’d be slightly inappropriate for you to be with two men in the dark. Besides, we won’t know where Maddox will go, so I’d prefer if only Aiden came along with me,” replied Gerald.

Hearing how resolute he was, Fujiko had no choice but to obey. After all, she remembered promising him that she’d listen to all his orders as long as he allowed her to follow him to Yanam back then. With that said, she’d rather listen than to potentially get sent back to Japan.

Regardless, pleased to hear that Gerald and Aiden were stepping in, Lucian who knew how powerful Gerald was then said, “I’ll be notifying my friend about this so that they can cooperate with you once you’re there, then!”

If they truly managed to locate Lindsay, then they’d surely be able to bring her back by dawn.

“Unnecessary. Aiden and I will just wait at the entrance of the military base. Speaking of which, I need to know what he looks like,” replied Gerald who’d rather not trouble others if he could do it himself.

“Hold on, let me find a picture of him,” said Lucian as he fished his phone out. After scrolling through several pictures, he finally managed to find the group photograph that had been taken during an event that had Maddox in it.

Showing it to Gerald, the youth then took a careful look at it before replying, “Alright, I’ve memorized his face.”

“Glad to hear. Either way, though you’re heading over at night, do be careful. Remember, since Maddox was trying to lure you over in the first place, he probably has all sorts of preparations to deal with you should you appear!” muttered Lucian after lowering his phone in a slightly worried tone.

“No worries, dealing with such people is a piece of cake for me,” replied Gerald with a hearty laugh before patting his chest.

“Well, I’m sure the mission will go swimmingly then! Either way, since you’re making a move tonight, we may as well eat early so that you can rest a bit after the meal.”

Seeing that it was two in the afternoon, Lucian turned to face his butler before adding, “Order the chefs to prepare some food.”

“Right away, master,” replied the butler with a nod before hurrying out. About half an hour later, a multitude of dishes were served.

Throughout their meal, Lucian made sure to tell Gerald everything he knew about Maddox and the military in general. Naturally, Gerald made sure to note everything down. Once their meal was over, instead of heading back to their rooms to rest, all of them simply sat around in the reception room. It was when dusk began to fall when Gerald patted Aiden on the shoulder, prompting the duo to leave the reception room.

After they had left for a while, Lucian looked at his butler before saying, “Have some of our men follow them from a distance. While the priority is to keep both of them safe, should danger befall the duo, tell our men not to do anything rash. Instead, they have to report to me.”

While he was confident in Gerald’s strength, Lucian knew that Maddox was no ordinary person. With that in mind, Lucian was sure that the man had set several traps up for Gerald, and he was simply worried that Gerald would end up falling into one of them.

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