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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2298

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2298
“Right away!” declared the butler with a nod. Soon enough, eight of the family’s stronger men began tailing after Aiden and Gerald.

Throughout the duo’s drive toward the Yanam military base, Aiden kept his fists clenched, clearly worried about Lindsay’s safety. After all, who knew whether Maddox and his men would do anything inappropriate to her.

Sensing how tense Aiden was, Gerald smiled subtly before saying, “Calm yourself. Remember, our main goal today is to get a firm grasp of the situation. While it’s best if we manage to find Lindsay as well, there’s no need to be overly anxious if we can‘t find her yet.”

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Hearing that, Aiden then took a deep breath as he replied, “Got it.”

“Good. Also, even if we do come across Lindsay, I need you to remain calm and listen to my commands. After all, not only are we still dealing with Yanam soldiers, but there’s also a good chance that Maddox has already set up traps for us. With that said, if you behave rashly, there’s a good chance that we’ll quickly be overwhelmed. By that point, even if we do manage to escape, our next attempt to save Lindsay will surely be exponentially difficult to achieve,” said Gerald, knowing full well that Aiden was prone to behaving rashly. It certainly didn’t help that there were already a few instances where Aiden had nearly ruined his plans.

“Got it!” replied Aiden with a nod. Pleased to hear that, Gerald then began accelerating to the military base, sending water on the drenched road flying all over the place.

Sometime later, Gerald through his rearview mirror noticed several cars following them. Though it was still raining rather heavily, he was able to make out that those cars belonged to the Grubbs.

Shortly after, Aiden couldn’t help but say, “… Have you noticed those cars? They’ve been following us for a while…”

Though Aiden was generally playful, in the end, he was still a special forces soldier of Weston. With that in mind, it made sense why he was eventually able to notice the same thing as Gerald.

Hearing that, Gerald then looked at the cars one more time before calmly replying, “They’re cars owned by the Grubbs.”

“… Huh? But why are they tailing us?” muttered Aiden, unable to see the connection.

“Perhaps Lucian sent them over as backup, fearing that we’d get into trouble. Either way, just ignore them. Their presence won’t affect us,” replied Gerald who didn’t take them seriously at all.

After all, it’s not like they were capable of helping. Hell, they could potentially end up burdening him! Still, he didn’t want to tell them to leave since Lucian had probably sent them over out of kindness. Whatever the case was, it was going to take them at least three hours to get to the military base.

It was around then when Maddox could be seen preparing to send a group of soldiers out to continue setting up traps near the area where Lindsay was locked up. If everything went swimmingly, then once everything was set up, he would release the news so that Gerald would learn where Lindsay was. Following that, Gerald would surely come rescue her.

While it was true that Gerald was immensely strong, in the end, he was still only a human. With that in mind, the boy would surely be unable to survive all the traps and snipers Maddox had set up around the area. The second Maddox gave his command, Gerald would be hit by an onslaught of bullets, and Maddox was sure that the youth would finally die by then!

Shortly after, a soldier entered his office before reporting, “The captain has sent a representative to us, asking why you’ve been continuously leading soldiers out in the night. He also wishes to know why you’ve taken quite a few resources from the armory…”

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