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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2300

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2300
“Indeed. We can set off as soon as you command us to,” replied the secretary.

“Let’s head out then. The sooner we get things done, the sooner we return. I’d rather not attract too much unnecessary attention either,” muttered Maddox with a slight frown when he saw all the staff members looking at him. Once Maddox got into the leading car, it didn’t take long before they began making their way to a secluded prison.

Meanwhile, Gerald who had parked his own car in a well hidden corner near the entrance simply lit a cigarette when he saw the team of cars leaving.

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Glaring at the vehicles, Aiden then muttered, “He should be in one of them, right…?”

“If you’re talking about Maddox, yes, I believe so,” replied Gerald as he took a puff of his cigarette before narrowing his eyes and starting to tail the cars at an appropriate distance.

Realizing that Gerald had made a move, those from the Grubb family began taking a detour using a smaller path instead of following them from behind. After all, though Gerald and Aiden were out in the open, a single car driving past the military base’s entrance wasn’t going to appear that suspicious. The same couldn’t be said if their cars were included in the equation, and they’d rather not run the risk of getting halted by the military.

Regardless, when they finally got to the main road again, they quickly realized that none of the cars were there!

“They aren’t here!” exclaimed the anxious driver of the leading car through his walkie talkie.

“Where have they driven off to?” replied the others at the back, feeling utterly confused.

“I… I don’t know! They were clearly driving in this direction! It doesn’t make any sense! They were only out of sight for about a minute! “

“Then what should we do? The master will surely have our heads if we return like this!”

“I suggest we split up! After all, there are three roads here! With any luck, we’ll be able to find them again! Remember to notify the others if you do!”

“Sounds good! I’m in on the idea! “

“Then let’s take our alternate paths now! Keep in touch and pray that we manage to find Gerald again! I really don’t want to piss the master off! ” declared one of the Grubbs as the men immediately began executing their plan.

Moving back to Gerald, he hadn’t disappeared due to a sudden acceleration or anything. The truth was, the military cars had simply turned toward the opposite direction not long after they left the base!

Sitting in the shotgun seat, Aiden who had already seen the military cars make several turns by now couldn’t help but ask, “… Do they really have to be this cautious at their own base’s entrance…?”

“The Yanam military probably isn’t that peaceful. Regardless, it’s clear that Maddox is doing something shady. After all, he wouldn’t have to be this cautious if he was merely executing a mission issued by the military,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

“Indeed… Either way, if this b*stard really did kidnap her, I’ll definitely tear him to shreds!” growled Aiden as he clenched his fists.

“Let’s not do that,” said Gerald as he shook his head with a smile, making sure to always maintain a safe but not easily detectable distance away from the military cars.

As for the Grubb family’s subordinates, even after speeding along all three roads for over ten minutes, none of them even came across a single car.

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