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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2301

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2301
After updating each other and knowing that they had truly lost Gerald, the men helplessly regrouped before reporting the incident to Lucian.

At the time, Lucian was entertaining Jobson and the others as they had their tea. As expected, upon picking the call up, his smile instantly vanished. A frown now on his face, Lucian then growled, “Get back here…!”

Hearing the clear change in tone, Jobson who was enjoying some dessert was prompted to ask, “Is something the matter…?”

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“The men I sent out to help Gerald and Aiden have lost track of them, Senior Jobson!” muttered Lucian with a sigh. Still, to think that they’d make such an amateurish mistake at such a critical moment when they were key personnel of his family.

Laughing in response, Jobson then replied, “And here I thought it was something serious!”

“… Is this not serious enough? Gerald and Aiden are dealing with the military here… What if something happens to them?” said the worried Lucian.

“You truly underestimate that boy,” replied jobson as he stuffed a cupcake into his mouth.

“While I know that he’s strong, this is the military we’re talking about… Aside from the traps that Maddox has probably already prepared for him, he also has access to powerful weapons…!” said Lucian as he considered calling his friend in the military to step in.

Extending his hand and cupping it over Lucian’s phone, Jobson then replied, “That’s exactly why I said you underestimate him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Gerald alone was able to take out the respected elders of the three major families in Yanam, right?”

Nodding slightly, the confused Lucian who had no idea how this contributed to the conversation said, “… Indeed, and several others in those families were killed as well. Without their leaders, the three families are about to completely crumble…”

“I see… I see… Now tell me, which is stronger? The military? Or the three families?” asked Jobson as he sat beside Lucian while gesturing for Fujiko to bring him more dessert.

“Well… though the military has access to modern weapons, the three families have cultivators… With that said, if they’re pit against each other, I feel the three families are definitely stronger…”

“Bingo. So if Gerald was able to take them out alone, do you really think the Yanam military stands a chance against him? Truth be told, had your men managed to tail him all the way, I feel they may have ended up burdening him more than being a help!” replied Jobson with a satisfied smile, knowing that Lucian finally understood his point.

Smacking his forehead, Lucian who was now feeling much better then said, “… I get it. To think that I’d overlook something like this! All that worry was for naught!”

“I agree. Either way, let’s just wait for his return. Even if he fails to rescue her today, I’m sure he’ll be able to obtain some relevant news,” replied Iobson as he continued eating.

Realizing that Jobson was almost finished with his plate of desserts, Lucian turned to look at his butler before saying, “Get more dessert for Senior Jobson.”

“I’m good. While the desserts are good, I’m afraid I may get tired of them if I have any more. With that said, do you have any tea?” asked Jobson.

“Of course! Green or black?” replied Lucian with an enthusiastic nod.

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