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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2302

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2302
“Either will do. Still, all of you truly underestimate him That boy’s way stronger than any of you could ever imagine…” said Jobson as he nonchalantly waved his hand.

“… Including me?” asked Fujiko as she pointed at herself. She, for one, believed that she understood Gerald extremely well. While she didn’t know why he was this strong, after spending so much time with him, she was pretty sure that she knew the extent of his capabilities.

“But of course. In fact, the boy probably isn’t aware of how strong he is either,” replied Jobson with a shrug before laughing heartily. From the looks of it, he appeared to he the one who knew Gerald best among the rest of them there. Regardless, Jobson’s tea arrived shortly after and the old man began drinking it in satisfaction.

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Moving back to Gerald, he had been maintaining a safe distance from the military cars this entire time.

Feeling slightly impatient, Aiden who just wanted to know how Lindsay was doing was prompted to ask, “Where the hell are they going…? It’s been almost an hour now! All this is just too weird…”

“A bit anxious, aren’t we? Are you this impatient when you carry out other missions?” replied Gerald with a slight frown.

“But Lindsay…” muttered Aiden who knew better than to behave the way he currently was. However, he simply couldn’t help it. After all, Lindsay wasn’t someone random he had to save. Since emotions were involved, Aiden couldn’t deny that it slightly affected his professionalism.

“What about her? Also, last I checked, you’re not that emotional a person. Are you going to commit suicide if you find out that she’s dead?” sneered Gerald.

“I… No, I wouldn’t go that far…” muttered Aiden who didn’t dare to further anger Gerald.

“Good. Now be a bit more serious and stop saying such pointless things,” replied Gerald who could sense how much Aiden liked Lindsay. Even so, Aiden’s impulsiveness would only lead to their ruin, so Gerald had to keep him in check.

Recalling how anxious he had been when Mila first disappeared and his family got captured, Gerald reminded himself that he had only been able to start making rescue efforts after forcing himself to calm down and think things through. With that said, being anxious was completely useless.

“I was just venting a little…” muttered the slightly aggrieved Aiden.

Before Gerald could reply, he noticed that the military cars had suddenly slowed down. With that, he was prompted to say, “Quiet down. They’re about to make a move.”

“In this forest…?” muttered Aiden as he looked out the car window.

“Apparently. Still, it’s a wonder what they’re planning to do all the way out here…” replied Gerald who had a feeling that Lindsay may be close by. After all, why else would Maddox come to such a remote area in the dead of night? Adding that to how vigilant he had been upon leaving the military base, it was evident that his actions were nothing short of shady.

“Indeed… Regardless, just say the word and I’ll make my move!” declared Aiden rather enthusiastically as he unsheathed his army dagger.

“Relax. Let’s see what they’re planning to do first,” replied Gerald as he slowed the car down. Though they were quite a distance away, Gerald was still able to clearly see what the soldiers were up to.

Parking the car by the road, Gerald then placed a hand on Aiden’s thigh before whispering, “Let’s finally see what they’re up to. Don’t get discovered.”

After getting out of the car together, Aiden then gulped as he held on tightly to his army dagger while saying, “Loud and clear.”

As for Maddox, he had no idea that the two were keeping an eye on him. After all, to him, his plan was perfect, so there was no way Gerald would be able to learn about all this. Till he eventually released the news, he was certain that only a few people would even know about this place.

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