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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2305

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2305
“… Alright…” muttered Aiden in a helpless tone. While he had a feeling that Lindsay was definitely in there, since Gerald had prohibited him from entering, there was nothing he could do about it.

Regardless, after getting into the car, Gerald immediately began tailing the military cars again. After driving for a bit, he was prompted to say, “As I said, they probably have traps buried around the area. Adding that to the fact that there are probably people guarding the vicinity, I’d rather not risk getting caught while trying to save her. If we fail and get noticed, saving her in the future is going to be increasingly difficult.”

Shortly after, they caught up to the military cars again, and Gerald quickly slowed down to keep a safe distance from them. By that point, Aiden had mostly calmed himself, leading him to mutter, “… Well, at the very least, we now know that Lindsay is most probably in there…”

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“From how shady Maddox has been, I agree,” said Gerald with a nod as they continued following the cars till they eventually arrived at the military base.

Naturally, Gerald didn’t follow them in, and instead began driving back to the Grubb manor. It was around two in the morning when they finally got back.

Before entering their guest rooms, Gerald made sure to look at Aiden before saying, “Try not to think too much about tonight and get some rest.”

“I will…” replied Aiden with a firm nod…

Nodding in response, Gerald was just about to enter his room when the butler suddenly ran over while saying, “Mr. Crawford! Master has ordered me to lead you to him the second you return! He said it was extremely urgent.”

“What’s the issue?” asked Gerald as he turned to look at the butler.

“I’m not sure either. However, following a call that made the master frown, he told me to keep an eye on the surveillance system and to also tell you to meet up with him the second you return,” replied the butler as he shook his head.

Frowning slightly, Gerald then replied, “Lead the way, then.”

With that, the butler then led the duo to where Lucian was currently resting. The second they entered, they were immediately greeted by a cloud of cigarette smoke. Looking at the ashtray that was brimming with cigarette butts, Aiden who was worried that all this had something to do with Lindsay was prompted to ask, “You called for us, Mr. Grubb?”

“Indeed. I received a call from Maddox about two hours ago,” replied Lucian as he puffed on his cigarette.

“What? But he was still in a remote area located west of the military base back then…” muttered Gerald with a slight frown.

Ignoring Gerald’s statement, Aiden then said, “Well, what did he say?”

“He was inviting me and those from a few other major families to discuss the development plans of each family over a meal. Maddox also stated that he wanted to take the chance to get the families to cooperate with each other in order to improve Yanam’s economy,” replied Lucian.

Chuckling in response, Gerald couldn’t help but say, “Isn’t he in charge of the Yanam’s seas? Why’s he meddling with the economy?”

“You’re telling me. Regardless, as you can probably guess, events like these were usually officiated by the ministry of finance as well as the ministry of commerce and industry. With that in mind, since Maddox is taking the initiative to run the event this time, I can only assume that he’s up to no good,” replied Lucian with a nod.

“No need to even assume, he’s definitely planning something. Still, since he wants to hold a party so much, let’s go together,” said Gerald as he lit a cigarette.

“You… Want to go too?” asked Lucian, feeling slightly surprised.

“But of course! Since he wants to kill me that much, I may as well take that chance to meet him,” replied Gerald with a smile.

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