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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2307

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2307
Regardless, after returning to his room, Gerald began thinking about all that had happened tonight…

As for Maddox, he could be seen sitting before a few of his confidants in a high end villa near the military base with a glass of red wine in hand. After gulping it down, he was prompted to say, “Alright, once you return, I want all of you to tell your subordinates to dress smartly tomorrow, got that?”

“We know. Don’t worry, everything has already been well prepared. Things will surely be perfect tomorrow,” replied one of the confidants after looking at the others.

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“Still… Are you really sure that Gerald will come over tomorrow, deputy captain?” asked a bald confidant.

“Why wouldn’t he?” replied Maddox as he poured himself another glass of wine.

“I mean… Ever since he entered Yanam, we’ve lost all news regarding him…” muttered the bald man in a slightly worried tone. He, for one, had been by Maddox’s side for the longest time, which was why he didn’t fear talking about his worries.

“While that’s a good question, why don’t you start considering where Gerald could’ve gone to ever since he arrived? After all, he couldn’t have just been sleeping on the streets this entire time, right?” replied Maddox as he placed his wine glass down.

“Well… maybe he’s been sleeping in a hostel or guesthouse…?” said the bald man.

“Or maybe he’s at a friend’s house,” added another confidant.

“Though those are definitely viable suggestions, all of you have ignored the fact that it’s been about a week since we’ve captured Lindsay. With that in mind, I’m sure the Grubbs would’ve already heard about this. Since Gerald would’ve surely taken the chance to meet up with the Grubbs upon arriving, I have reason to believe that Lucian would’ve asked for his help to save the girl. Due to the fact that he knows Lindsay, Gerald would surely be compelled to assist. Little does he know that she’s in our possession!” declared the smiling Maddox in a confident tone.

“I understand now!”

“You truly are the smartest person within our military base, deputy captain!” exclaimed Maddox’s subordinates who hadn’t even come close to seeing the way Maddox saw things. Truth be told, they had been wondering why he wanted to organize a business party out of the blue. After all, he hadn’t done anything like that in the past. Now, everything was clear as day.

“Flattery will get you nowhere. Regardless, just follow and learn from me and I assure you that you’ll all be promoted in no time! By that point, I’ll expect all of you to be able to think critically and handle other affairs for me. That’s the only way you’ll improve!” declared Maddox as he pointed at them.

“We await our promotions!” yelled the men as they bowed toward Maddox.

“Well said. Either way, make sure to check for any imperfections tomorrow! Everything needs to be perfect! If Gerald dares to come over, we’ll finally be able to capture him! Following that, I’ll have Lindsay killed right before his very eyes!” declared Maddox.

After the meeting was adjourned, Maddox couldn’t help but hum as he returned to his room. He, for one, was sure that Gerald wouldn’t be able to escape his grasp this time, no matter how strong he was. Unfortunately for him, Gerald had already seen

Through all his plans.

Fast forward to the next day, Gerald uncharacteristically remained in bed past dawn. After all, now that he had momentarily put research on Yearning Island aside and he already had quite a bit of information on Linday’s case, he didn’t have much to do but wait to participate in Maddox’s party that night.

Perhaps he could get more information there.

Lying in bed, he couldn’t help but think about all that he had gone through in the past few months just to learn more about Yearning Island.

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