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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2308

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2308
In no time at all, evening came, and Gerald got himself cleaned before changing into a nice set of clothes. Though the event was organized by Maddox, a party was a party, so he had to make sure that he was at least well dressed.

Regardless, once Lucian was prepared, both of them left the manor to head to Maddox’s villa where the party was being held. The villa itself was only two streets away from the military base, so soldiers could be seen patrolling the area all daylong.

Aside from Maddox, this high-end villa neighborhood was also where most of the military leaders including Carter stayed. Rather than being interconnected, each of the villas was built individually with separate access paths and small gardens.

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Whatever the case was, upon entering the car, Lucian instead of telling the driver to start the car up was prompted to look at Gerald before asking, “Honestly, do you think we should bring a few others with us? After all, if Maddox is really attempting to set us up, I’ll end up burdening you since you’ll have to focus on protecting me…”

“While I see where you’re coming from, in the end, I feel that I’ll have to protect both of you instead of you alone! With that said, bringing more people along is only going to be more troublesome for me,” replied Gerald who knew that he was at least capable of protecting Lucian as long as he was alone from the most dangerous of situations.

“I see.. Well, I’ll be in your care, then…” muttered Lucian before chuckling awkwardly.

“Indeed. Either way, let’s go meet him already,” replied Gerald as he leaned against his seat before closing his eyes. Hearing that, Lucian then nodded at his driver, and the car came to life just seconds later.

Meanwhile, Maddox could be seen puffing on a cigar in his villa as he stood before twenty sniper soldiers whom he had specially chosen for tonight about two days ago.

Knowing how capable they each were, Maddox couldn’t help but say, “Truly elites among elites…”

Hearing that, his confidant stepped forward before reporting, “I’ve already given them an entire day’s worth of special training for this event, deputy captain! Once Gerald appears, they’ll definitely be ready to snipe his head!”

“And who told you that I wanted Gerald dead?” replied Maddox with a raised brow.

“Huh…? But… then why did you organize this party and request for all these snipers…?” asked the puzzled confidant who had assumed that everything had been prepared this way to finish Gerald off.

“Use your head and don’t ask things you shouldn’t!” grumbled Maddox as he stubbed his cigar against his confidant’s neck!

Flinching from the searing pain, the confidant then backed away as Maddox puffed into his cigar and ordered, “Alright, enough dilly-dallying! Head to your respective positions and prepare yourselves! Remember, nobody shoots unless I give the order!”

By the time the twenty snipers got into position all around the villa, the sky was already starting to darken. More and more guests were starting to arrive as well, and all of them were discussing why Maddox had invited them there. While they were all confused, all of them had still rushed over since they were well aware of how high Maddox’s status was, being the deputy captain and all.

Standing on the Villa’s top floor, Maddox placed his hand against a window as he peered down, constantly on the lookout for Gerald’s arrival. When he finally saw the youth exiting a car, Maddox instantly smiled as he slammed his fist onto the windowsill.

Taking in a deep breath, he then said in a sinister tone, “Gerald…! So you really were with the Grubbs…!”

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