The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 231-240

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 231
“Oh my god! Mila, look! That scumbag is here!”

“Isn’t he together with Alice? What is he doing outside our class?”

“Pfft! Do you think that this pathetic jerk is interested in our Mila again? Oh my god. I really can’t understand what’s going on in Alice’s mind. Why would she agree to go out with such a pathetic jerk?”

Gerald was waiting outside of Mila’s classroom.

A group of her classmates immediately mocked him.

However, Gerald was already immune to all this, merely asking Mila to go out for a walk with him.

Mila was a little surprised that Gerald would come all the way here to look for her.

She had been waiting for Gerald to call her, but she became extremely disappointed after he did not. Hence, she came to class directly.

Mila agreed to his request immediately.

It was because she trusted Gerald now. In fact, Mila regretted it the moment she slapped Gerald the other day. Deep down inside, she knew he wasn’t that sort of person. As soon as he explained things yesterday, she believed what he said.

Everyone was surprised when the two walked out of the classroom and stepped out of campus.

“Gerald, didn’t I tell you that my eldest cousin has just come back from M country? She has been busy dealing with her business, but her schedule has freed up recently. She had always wanted to meet you!”

“I want you to treat my eldest cousin sister to dinner,” replied Mila.

“Oh, oh, okay then. When?”

Gerald was relieved when he felt that Mila’s anger had subsided. He agreed immediately.

“You don’t have classes in the afternoon, right? Why don’t we have lunch together? My eldest cousin will be busy again in a few days. She will return to M Country after she has completed her work!”

“Alright then!”

And so it was settled.

Gerald started looking for a place to eat.

He didn’t want to head to Mayberry Commercial Street since too many familiar faces would be there.

Besides, it was a little too posh.

After discussing the matter, Gerald decided on a place called the Little Bamboo House.

It was a slightly quiet establishment, and although it wasn’t part of Mayberry Commercial Street, it was still a restaurant developed by the Mayberry Commercial Group.

When it came to earnings, not even three restaurants on Mayberry Commercial Street could compare to the money it raked in.

As soon as he heard this, Gerald quickly booked a room at the restaurant before heading directly there with Mila.

Upon arrival, Gerald realized that the Little Bamboo House wasn’t as grand or as luxurious as he thought it to be.

Instead, it all felt as though they had just entered a small mountain village after a departure from the city. All the rooms in the small building were made out of stone.

Elegant with a touch of simplicity, it looked like a cottage that came out straight from the olden days.

“Here, Sister Cara! This way!”

After a wait that lasted less than half an hour, a beautiful and fashionably dressed girl walked into the restaurant.

Gerald and Mila had been waiting outside, where Mila greeted her in excitement.

“Oh, Mila… who chose this place? Why this restaurant? It looks really outdated!”

The beautiful woman named Cara walked over to them.

She wore a disgusted look on her face as she took off her sunglasses.

“Hello, Cousin Cara. I’m Gerald. I was the one who decided on this restaurant,” Gerald replied with a slight smile.

Cara was very similar to Rita. The two were exceptionally gorgeous, and along with their extraordinary beauty came extraordinary expectations.

Gerald expected her to complain about the restaurant as soon as she arrived.

Haha! Rita, her sister, was just like this too!

Cara wasn’t the least polite, and she started speaking the moment she walked into the room.

“Oh, oh, so you are Gerald. I have always wanted to meet you. I heard my two younger sisters saying how loaded you are, and you even bought a Lamborghini after hitting the jackpot. So why did you bring me to this kind of place then?”

She even raised her hand and covered her nose slightly.

It was so clean here, so how could there possibly be any stench?

Cara got straight to the point.

“Why don’t you tell me how much money you have left from the lottery winnings?” she asked.

Gerald smirked a little.

“Not much. I’ve already spent most of it.”

“Hah! So I guessed it right! You have the typical nouveau riche mentality. It should be alright for those who can keep their wealth, but I believe you may be overdoing it considering the car you just bought!” replied Cara as she shook her head slowly.

Gerald could only nod in reply.

It seemed neither Mila nor Rita had mentioned anything about his identity to their sister.

The two had apparently kept his secret safe.

“So, Gerald, what are your plans for the future?” Cara asked once again.

Gerald could only manage a sloppy reply when posed with such a question.

“I haven’t figured it out yet!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 232
Cara shook her head in disappointment.

Mila promptly changed topics.

“Sister Cara, didn’t you say a few friends studying and working abroad will be coming to Mayberry City today? Where are they?”

“Oh, yes, they will be here too. I initially planned for us to have lunch together so you both can get to know them too. They are all elites who have been studying abroad… but just look at this lowly place. How could I possibly ask them over?”

“Huh? I believe the restaurant Gerald booked is actually quite good, Sister Cara. Moreover, this place offers board and lodging and we can easily arrange for their accommodation,” replied Mila.

Cara could only whine helplessly. “Hahaha! What? Arrange for them to stay here? Sister, are you trying to embarrass me in front of my friends?”

Just then, her cell phone suddenly rang.

Cara answered her phone in a hurry.

“What? You have already arrived? Ahh? Your brother has already picked you up? Oh, oh, no I have not eaten yet. I am preparing to have lunch with my sister now! This place is called the Little Bamboo House. I think that it will be better for you not to come here. This place looks pretty inferior, so you should go somewhere else to eat instead!”

As she spoke, Cara glanced at Gerald with a look of disgust.

She felt that Gerald was a particularly low person.

“Oh my god! Are you really going to come here?”

Gerald and Mila did not know what they were saying over the phone but it seemed as though Cara’s friend wanted to come over to have a look at this place. Cara was horrified.

She started complaining after hanging up the phone.

“Oh, sister! Look at how you are going to embarrass me today! I pushed a gathering with some of my classmates at noon today just so that I can come and meet you. As a result, just look at what kind of place your boyfriend arranged for us to have lunch at? I was originally planning for Gerald to arrange some accommodation for my friends but just forget it!”

Cara complained silently.

Gerald was a little speechless.

Although the Little Bamboo House looked like a very humble and low-key place, aside from the exceptionally expensive meals at the Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, the meals here were also exceptionally expensive.

The main focus of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was their scenery, entertainment and dining experience.

As for the Little Bamboo House, it was as the name suggested.

The main focus was an exquisite dining experience in an elegant and vintage environment.

The large bamboo house and the stone walls were used to illustrate this point.

Moreover, the chefs working at this restaurant were all top chefs who specialized in various local cuisines in the country.

However, it seemed as though Cara was rather dissatisfied. If he knew that this would be the case, he would have just arranged for them to go to the Wayfair Mountain Entertainment instead!

At the same time.

A luxury car suddenly arrived.

Cara’s phone also started ringing.

Cara stood up in embarrassment as she said: “They really came here! Well, let’s go out and take a look!”

Cara waved her arm and walked out of the restaurant as she answered the call.

“Lisa! Yara! You are here!”

“Yes, Cara! Oh my, what kind of place is this? It does not look impressive at all!”

Two beautiful women stepped out of the car and greeted Cara at this time.

The woman named Lisa dragged the driver out of the driver’s seat as she tried to introduce a handsome young boy to Cara.

“Cara, this is my brother, Quron! He came all the way to Mayberry City from Willmill, just to pick me up today. He said that he wanted to bring me around Mayberry City!”

“Wow! That’s great. Quron is really handsome too!”

Cara replied as she smiled.

“Hello, Sister Cara. I used to hear my sister gush how beautiful you are, but I really did not believe her at all at that time. However, after seeing you today, I can only say that Sister Cara, you are even more beautiful in person than my sister described you to be!”

Quron said as he smiled and adjusted his suit.

He kept praising Cara for being extremely beautiful.

“By the way, Cara, is this beautiful girl the cousin sister, Mila that you always talked about? She looks about the same age as my younger brother!”

Lisa replied with a smile on her face.

Quron also glanced at Mila at this time. Quron could not take his eyes off Mila as soon as he looked at her. She was simply too beautiful.

“Oh yes! I was also going to introduce my sister to Quron so that the both of them could get to know each other and become friends!”

Cara smiled as she turned around and gestured for Mila to come over and say hello.

At the same time, she suddenly remembered that Mila already had a boyfriend and her ugly boyfriend was standing right next to her now.

Damn it! How could she possibly have forgotten about Gerald?

“Hello, Sister Lisa. This is my boyfriend, Gerald. Gerald wants to treat everyone to a meal today!”

Mila held Gerald’s arms as she introduced him to the people there.

This introduction made Lisa and her brother lose their interest immediately.

So, she already has a boyfriend?

“Hehehe. What can possibly be delicious here? I heard some of my classmates saying that the best place to eat is at Mayberry Commercial Street. There is a nice restaurant named Homeland Kitchen which serves really good food there. Why don’t we go there instead? I will treat everyone to a meal!”

“Homeland Kitchen? I have also heard of that place before! That’s great. Let’s go there then!”

Cara obviously had no objections about the change of location.

The Homeland Kitchen was so much better compared to this place.

However, Gerald could not do anything at all since they were all not interested in this restaurant.

Since they were all willing to go there, all he could do was to follow…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 233
Gerald and the group of people drove towards the Homeland Kitchen.

Gerald’s Lamborghini did indeed shock everyone at first. However, Cara immediately explained the situation to them.

She spoke about how Gerald spent money without having any planning at all.

This way, the Wade siblings who were initially full of admiration for Gerald also begin to show contempt for him.

They felt that it was really a waste for someone like Gerald to drive such a good car.

Gerald simply smiled indifferently throughout.

Next, it was Quron’s time to show-off.

He called his so-called friends in Mayberry City before he booked a rather decent room in Homeland Kitchen.

Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Especially Cara.

“Wow! Quron, I really did not expect you to have such a good network and connection in Mayberry City. Hahaha. Yes, the Homeland Kitchen is indeed a very luxurious and high-end restaurant at first glance. We wouldn’t have the face to dine at a place like this!”

“You are unlike some people, who would only choose a restaurant at some rural area for us to dine in!”

Cara glanced around the ambience and interior of the room, and she was instantly in love with it.

“Okay, I am really pleased that Sister Cara likes it. One of my good friends is a regular customer at Homeland Kitchen. We can come here again next time. Mila, what do you think of this place?”

Quron cast his eyes on Mila as he smiled and asked her.

As for Gerald, Quron was obviously ignoring him.

After all, in comparison, Quron was a rich heir who had the support of his father. On the other hand, Gerald was nothing more than a pathetic jerk who had no background at all but was simply lucky enough to win some money from the lottery.

“Not bad!”

What else could Mila say? She simply nodded in a perfunctory manner.

“Quron, you are already in your third year of university. You’ll next transition to your internship immediately after your senior year. What are your plans? Are you going to continue studying abroad, or…?”

Cara asked cheerfully.

“Maybe I’ll plan to start a business, but I will not go abroad to study anymore. In fact, my plan has always been to start a company of my own! Hahaha…”

“It’s a very good plan. The domestic economy in our country is very good and stable now. You will definitely have a great future ahead of you if you become your own boss!”

Cara replied as she nodded in approval.

At the same time, she glanced at her sister’s boyfriend who was simply sitting down there without saying a word at all.

She could not help but feel extremely disappointed.

She could tell at a single glance whether a person would turn out to be a promising person or not and Cara obviously felt that Gerald was completely hopeless. She felt that he would never be a promising person with any potential at all in this lifetime!

“Brother Gerald, what plans do you have for your internship? Are you going to go to the newspaper or the editorial department?”

Quron asked as he sneered at Gerald.

“I don’t really have any plans yet. Perhaps I will be taking a relevant course in the Department of Economics and Management!”

Gerald replied casually.

“Hehe. You only won a little money from the lottery so do you even need to attend special elective courses just to manage that money? Gerald, I advise you to contact a good company as soon as possible. For people like you, it is obviously better for you to have more insurance and housing funds. Otherwise, I’m really worried that you might not be able to find a wife in future!”

Cara replied as she laughed.

This was because she was also studying economics and management abroad.

She felt that it was really a joke that Gerald was actually interested to study economics and management.

Moreover, Gerald could also tell the obvious meaning behind Cara’s words. She was obviously hinting to him that she did not approve of his relationship with Mila at all!

Mila kept trying to change the topic away from Cara’s topic.

Fortunately right the instance, the food had already been served.

“Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is the Romanee-Conti red wine that is on the house. Please enjoy!”

A waitress came in as she respectfully presented them with a bottle of red wine.

“Romanee-Conti? Seriously? This is the number one red wine brand in the world! It ranked first amongst the top ten most luxurious wine brands in the world!”

After listening to the waitress’ introduction, Cara, Lisa and everyone else were all dumbfounded.

They worked and lived abroad, so they obviously knew a lot about red wine.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 234
”Bring it over here and let me see whether it is real or not!”

Cara’s face was flushed red with surprise as she carefully took the bottle of red wine and examined it repeatedly. Towards the end, she felt even more excited after looking at it:

“This is actually genuine!”

“Ahh? Let me take a look at it too!”

Lisa was also excited by this time.

Everyone looked at Quron with a very shocked expression on their faces. It was as though they initially thought that he was just someone great, but right now, they suddenly realized that he was indeed just simply amazing!

“Quron, can you tell me what kind of background your friend has? When did you have such a strong network? Do you know that this kind of red wine is only usually enjoyed by big bosses from abroad?”

The more Cara looked at Quron, the more she liked him.

“Yes, brother. How come I don’t know that you have such powerful connections? Come on, how many things are you still hiding from me?”

“I don’t know too much either. Anyway, my friend is really giving me too much face today! Hahaha.”

Quron was a little dazed because he felt that the whole sentiment everyone gave him was a little too overwhelming.

Quron also did not dwell too much about it. He just felt elated as Cara and the others were all gushing over him in admiration.

Gerald was simply indifferent at the side.

He believed that this bottle of red wine must have been given by Jane.

This girl was really giving him too much face.

However, even though Quron was taking away the fruits of his victory, Gerald did not plan to say anything at all. After all, he knew that Cara would not believe him anyway.

The second reason was simply because Gerald did not want to destroy everyone’s happy expectations.

Just to prove that he was awesome?


Gerald thought that it was enough that everyone was happy.

The meal went by just like that.

Throughout the entire meal, Cara began to feel that Gerald was getting more and more of an eyesore to her. And with that, she simply could not stop comparing Gerald to Quron.

After they were done with the meal, everyone went downstairs excitedly. At the same time, Quron went to the front desk to pay the bill.

“Sir, you have a thirty percent discount for this meal!”


Everyone was shocked again when the cashier at the front desk said this.

“Damn it! Quron, you are really amazing! You can even get a thirty percent discount? This is simply incredible!”

Cara exclaimed in surprise again.

“Hehehe! This is just a small matter. Sister Cara, Mila, why don’t we go out and have some more fun together? After that, we can arrange for a place for my sister to rest later!”

“Okay! Okay! To be honest, I used to play and go around Mayberry City a lot when I was younger. However, after going abroad, I haven’t been back much. But I can ask my sister to ask for leave from school later in the afternoon. After that, we can all go out together and have fun! I also have a couple of high school and university friends who’d like to meet up with me too. All of us can just hang out together then!”

Cara replied as she smiled.

“That’s great! If that is the case, then I will just book another table at the Homeland Kitchen for dinner tonight!”

Quron replied as he patted his chest gently.

“Well, sister, Sister Lisa, we still have something going on at school later in the afternoon so we will not be joining you guys anymore! Have fun! I’ll head back to the university with Gerald first!”

Mila could tell that Gerald was a little uncomfortable.

In fact, she wanted to invite Gerald out for a meal with her sister today so that he could impress her. However, Quron was taking all the limelight away from him.

Mila also understood that Gerald could not simply reveal his own identity.

As she was afraid that Gerald would be angry, Mila felt that the best thing to do was to go back with Gerald first.

“Ahh? But it would not be fun at all if you don’t come with us, Mila! We need you to be our tour guide after all!”

Quron pleaded.

When he saw Mila’s persistence, he had to look pleadingly at Cara instead.

Cara immediately understood his intentions and she glanced at Gerald coldly before she said to Mila:

“Mila, come with me for a while. I have to talk to you about something!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 235
Cara pulled Mila over to the side.

No one could make out what she said in a low voice. Cara eyed Gerald from time to time before she looked at Quron instead.

She was probably trying to persuade Mila to break up with Gerald as soon as possible and get into a relationship with Quron instead.

Mila refused to do as Cara suggested in the end.

“Sister, you can just go and have fun! Gerald and I will just go back to the university first!”

Mila and Gerald left after saying goodbye to everyone.

Cara could not help but feel very anxious.

It seemed as though she would not be able to matchmake the both of them.

“Sister Cara, it is okay. Mila is your sister so she is naturally my good friend too! I will definitely look for her more often in future!”

Quron could not help but feel a little more disappointed. However, he could only force a smile on his face.

“Okay, Quron. I am glad that you are not discouraged. Don’t worry, Quron. I will definitely get my sister to break up with him sooner or later. How can he possibly be compared to you, Quron?”

Cara replied as he smiled.

After that, the group went around several places in Mayberry City.

Soon after, it was night.

Cara initially planned to invite some of her friends from her high school and university to come and join her for dinner later that evening.

However, Quron and his sister did not plan to leave yet.

Therefore, they simply made an appointment to eat together so that they could get to know each other better too.

Quron continued to show his generous side.

He booked another room for dinner at the Homeland Kitchen.

After all, the waitress at the Homeland Kitchen had been extremely generous to him early that day.. There were so many strangers here now so he could show off once again.

Cara invited another five to six friends to come and join them for dinner.

Hence, they booked an even larger room for dinner tonight.

“Go ahead! Bring me all your best dishes in your restaurant!”

Quron chucked his car keys aside before crossing his legs.

“Wow! Cara, is this the amazing young brother that you were talking about earlier? He has a very good personality and he looks very charismatic too!”

“Hahaha. By the way, Cara, does he have a girlfriend? I have a younger cousin sister who is single too!”

“Oh! If only I can have such a boyfriend like him too!”

All of Cara’s friends who came were all girls. During the entire time, they were all filled with admiration and appreciation as they looked at Quron.

Rich boys were already particularly attractive in the first place. This was even more so for rich boys who could take the lead.

Cara could not bring herself to say that Quron did not have a girlfriend. If he was robbed away by another girl, then her dearest cousin sister would not stand a chance anymore!

“Haha, you girls should stop being idiots, okay? The food will be served soon. There will be more surprises coming up after the food is served! You should take advantage of this opportunity to appreciate the surprise, okay?”

Cara replied with a smile on her face.

“Ahh? What kind of surprise is it? Cara, you have been giving us very high expectations ever since we came here just now!”

“Yes! Just tell us what it is!”

Cara smiled before she said, “You will find out after the waitress is done serving us the dishes!”

At the same time, Cara had very high expectations at heart. This was also the reason why Cara wanted Quron to come forward.

This way, she would also gain a lot of face and respect!

She finally waited for the waitress to finish serving them all of their dishes.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all of your dishes are already served. Please enjoy your dinner!”

The waitress smiled before she turned around and left.

“Hmph! Wait a moment!”

Cara asked suspiciously, “Are you sure that you have already served us everything? Aren’t you forgetting anything at all?”

The waitress shook her head repeatedly as she said, “No. I have already brought and served you everything that you ordered!”


Immediately, Cara slammed her hands heavily down on the table. “Are you blind? Don’t you know who is buying this dinner today? It is Mr. Wade! Can’t you see that we do not have any drinks on our table yet?”

Cara angrily reminded the waitress.

To be honest, this was making her lose face.

After all, Cara was returning to the country after studying and working abroad. She lived in M Country now and she had extremely high standards.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 236
These sorts of people were born narcissistic.

They were capable of loving little, except for their own face and reputation.

“Excuse me, miss, but you haven’t made your order yet. Here is the list of drinks we serve. Please, take a look!”

The waitress handed the menu over to Cara.

This time, Cara was stunned.

One of her classmates sneered, “Cara, what is going on? Didn’t you say that there will be a surprise after the meal? Where is the surprise?”

“Hmph! I’m not going to look at the menu! Let me remind you once again. This is Mr. Wade! Mr. Wade is here; I think you should know better than not to give face.”

Cara once again summoned Quron’s name.

“I am sorry, miss. All the guests at our restaurant are young executives and big bosses. We do not give out gifts to everyone every day.”

“Are you serious now? Aren’t you going to give me any face at all? Do you know who Mr. Kennedy is? He’s a good friend of mine!” Quron asked in dispute.

“I know that there is a young man named Mr. Kennedy, who comes here to eat often. We do not give him any free gifts either,” the waitress replied with a confused look on her face.

“Damn it! You’re really not giving me any face at all, huh!”

Both Quron and Cara had unsightly expressions on their faces at the moment.

This was especially true considering how Cara’s classmates were all looking at her, laughing among themselves.

Women liked to compare everything, after all.

Even if they were all close friends, their competition instinct with one another was often powerful.

Since Cara had studied abroad and was currently working there, her group of girlfriends were already jealous of her in the first place. If she did invoke such a strong presence on her, they would have definitely been even more jealous and envious of her.

However, the funny thing was that it seemed as though Cara and this young man, Quron, were making fools out of themselves.

“Forget it! You know nothing! I’m not talking to her ever again, and I don’t feel like eating here today. I want her to know who she offended!”

Quron was also furious, slamming his hands hard on the table.

After that, he led Cara and the others out right away.

This particular might not know who he was, but the cashier girl downstairs certainly did..

He would have to gain back his face and reputation there.

After he was done speaking, he headed straight to the front desk. “I won’t be eating here after this. Hand me the bill!”

Quron spoke way louder than he should have.

The cashier girl had no idea what was going on, but she simply printed the bill anyway.

“Hello sir, your expenditure for the night is twelve thousand dollars. Will you be paying by credit card or cash?”

“What? Twelve thousand dollars?! What about the thirty percent discount?” Cara asked in shock.

“Discount? Sorry miss, but we do not have such offers in our restaurant for the time being.”

The cashier girl naturally recognized them and simply looked at them with contempt.

After all, he spoke so loudly yet, pretended to be so generous.

Instead, he seemed so shocked and terrified when he saw the 12,000 dollar bill.

“Have you forgotten that we ate here during lunch too? You gave me a thirty percent discount at that time, and you even handed us a bottle of precious red wine for free.”

Cara felt as though her face had turned green.

“Of course, I remember that. However, we gave you the thirty percent discount and the bottle simply to show our respect to our most distinguished and valuable guest. In fact, if that guest happened to be the one settling the bill, we wouldn’t charge him for the meal at all. Oh, not to mention, it seems as though our most distinguished guest isn’t here tonight,” explained the cashier girl with an icy tone.

“What? You’re not giving face to Quron?”
Cara was a little surprised.

But who could this distinguished and valuable guest who had come here for lunch have been?

It was Mila and Gerald.

Mila had always been a sincere and low key person. She would definitely not dine in places of such posh. So, how could she possibly be Homeland Kitchen’s most distinguished and valuable guest?


Could it be… Gerald?
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 237
Cara hurriedly asked, “Is Gerald the distinguished guest that you are referring to?”

“We don’t know. We only know that one of you is our most distinguished guest at noon!”

The cashier girl replied as she smiled slightly.

Damn it!

What was going on?

At noon, only Gerald and Mila were here.

Although the other party refused to say anything, Cara already knew the answer in her heart.

It was all possibly because of Gerald.

But how could that be possible?

One of Cara’s high school classmates, Donna suddenly spoke up.

“Hehe! Cara, weren’t you supposed to give us a surprise? Is this the surprise you are giving us?”

Donna and Cara were good friends ever since high school and they were even coursemates in university.

Although they were best friends, they were the kind of best friends who loved to compete and compare everything the other had from the beginning to the end.

First, Donna would envy Cara, and later, Cara would be jealous of Donna.

Later, Cara got to study and work in M Country thanks to her excellent results.

When it came to competition, it showed that Cara was ultimately victorious over Donna.

In fact, she was just about to gloat in front of Donna, but who would have expected to encounter this situation instead?

Cara became even more embarrassed and resentful, especially when Donna was intentionally making things difficult.

They would definitely not be getting a discount today.

However, it would also be very embarrassing for them if they decided to return to their seats.

Quron could only bite the bullet and settle the bill with a darkened face.

He had to pay 12,000 dollars for the meal without even taking a single bite. What was even worse was the fact that he didn’t get to gloat at all.

Now that he was done paying the hefty sum, Quron couldn’t afford their accommodation anymore.

“By the way, Cara, your friends from abroad don’t have a place to stay yet, right? Why don’t we do this? I can make the arrangements for some food and accommodation for them. We can enjoy a meal together before finally getting a good night’s rest. I’m sure we’ll all be uncomfortable sleeping with an empty stomach.”

Donna crossed her arms and smiled bitterly as she left Homeland Kitchen in embarrassment.

Cara did not want to be defeated.

“No, it’s okay. I have the money. I can afford to arrange for their accommodation. Why don’t I get guys to stay in a five-star hotel at Mayberry City? Donna, if you are fine, you don’t need to go back tonight. I can also arrange a room for you tonight. It so happens that we have not seen each other for so many years anyway. We can have a good chat together then!”

“Ahh, Cara, I thought that since you just returned to the country and you have a family business, I thought you could have been extraordinarily generous. Why only a five-star hotel? Don’t you think you’re not attentive enough?” asked Donna as she smiled.

Cara asked, “Then, why don’t you tell me where I could find an exceptionally special or expensive place in Mayberry City apart from a five-star hotel?”

“Hehe! Of course, there is. Have you heard of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment?” Donna asked proudly.

Quron hurriedly said something so nobody would forget his presence.
“Wayfair Mountain Entertainment? I‘ve heard of that before. I also heard that they are possibly the top hot spring villa in the entire country! Their consumption value is sky high and those who enter and leave the place are some of the most powerful and influential individuals!”

“I’ve also heard of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment before. However, I cannot afford that place. If you can name me another place, I will make all the necessary arrangements for our stay over there,” replied Cara.

She realized Donna was intentionally making things difficult for her.

“Alright, then. I will name you another place now. We can go to the second-best manor Mayberry City then! The place offers food and accommodation too. It is none other than the Little Bamboo House. As far as I know, the consumption value there is slightly lower compared to Wayfair. You have been doing really good for yourself these few years. If you can really arrange for us to stay there tonight, then I would really have no choice but to look up to you and show you tons of respect. When I see you in the future, I wouldn’t be calling you Cara, but Sister Cara!” Donna replied jokingly.

She hadn’t said all those to provoke Cara, though.

Donna was simply saying it for fun. After all, any ordinary person knew that even if they had the money, there were two places they still couldn’t just step in like that. They were none other than Wayfair Mountain Entertainment and Little Bamboo House!

In a way, Donna was simply telling Cara that she shouldn’t be so haughty and arrogant just because she studied abroad and currently worked there.

There had to be merits that she wouldn’t be able to get, one way or another.



Cara could not help but laugh.

“Little Bamboo House? Are you referring to that farmhouse? If I can arrange for all of us to stay there tonight, you have to honor your promise and call me Sister Cara…”

Cara replied with a serious expression on her face.

When Donna saw that Cara was serious, she instantly said, “Okay! If you can really afford to us a night’s stay over there, I will definitely call you Sister Cara!”

“Hahaha! Okay, it’s settled then! Lisa, Quron, we can start driving. Let’s go to the Little Bamboo House!”

Was that a joke?

They were initially supposed to have lunch at Little Bamboo House, arranged by that pathetic jerk, Gerald.

After only seeing the place once, Cara already had enough.

Only a country bumpkin would visit a place like that.

Though it did not matter to her anymore. Since they have already made a bet, she would be contented if all Donna did was address her as Sister Cara.

They arrived at the place a short while later.

“Waitress, get us a table with the most expensive dishes! And also, one, two, three, four, five… arrange five rooms for me tonight!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 238
, Cara shouted.

Right now, she felt that she was really cool.

“Okay, miss. I will make all the arrangements now! The total price for the rooms is 75,000 dollars. Please swipe your card here.”

The waitress bowed respectfully at Cara.

This lady was so wealthy!

“Ahh? What? 75,000 dollars? We are only booking five rooms, and it will cost me 75,000 for one night? Did I hear you right?” asked Cara without beating around the bush.

“Yes, miss. These are just the rates for the standard rooms. However, all the rooms you booked come with a complimentary dinner. We have also gathered famous chefs from all over the world to customize your meals according to your personal preference.”

The waitress smiled and pushed the POS machine forward.

“This… wait a minute. How much would it cost only to have dinner here?”

Cara gulped.

“If it’s just dinner for all of you, we do not usually provide rooms. However, if you really want a room, you can book one for 22,000 dollars. After that, you will be able to enjoy food from the entire southern part of the country. As long as you can name the dish, the chefs will definitely be able to prepare it for you!”


Cara was utterly dumbfounded.

It turned out that this wasn’t a place country bumpkins would visit whenever they wanted to.

Even a noble like her could barely afford this place.

Cara suddenly thought of Gerald.

He had initially arranged a lunch banquet for them, even planning to throw in the accommodation as well.

Based on her calculations, that would have probably cost him around 75 to 90,000

In other words, Gerald was actually filthy rich.

He hadn’t spent all of his money, as it turned out.

Cara was also certain that the person at Homeland Kitchen who had the authority to present them with the expensive red wine was none other than Gerald.

Oh, god!

It turned out that Gerald was really the one who really had the most face!

“Hehe! Stop embarrassing yourself, Cara. If you can’t afford it, then just admit that you can’t. Let me make all the necessary arrangements then. We’ll go and eat as soon as possible. I’m really starving right now.”

Donna replied, shook her head, and smiled bitterly.

“Nonsense. I was here just this afternoon. By the way, Lisa, you guys came here too, right? We almost ate and stayed here!” retorted Cara.

“Cara, can you stop acting like you are oh-so-awesome?”

Donna had already started patronizing Cara a little.

“Who said I’m pretending? Why don’t you ask the waitress if we were here earlier this afternoon? Didn’t someone by the name of Gerald Crawford book a lunch banquet and accommodation?” implored Cara.

“Yes, miss. There was indeed a Mr. Crawford who booked a lunch banquet and accommodation at noon today. He even got the most luxurious suite. That’s 90,000 dollars for you.

The waitress had been very impressed because their arrogant manager didn’t even dare to straighten his back in front of this person named Gerald. This came as a real shock to everyone working at the restaurant.

“Gosh! His standard was 90,000 dollars?”

Cara was really in shock!

She could not help thinking about how great it would be if only Gerald were here. Everything would be fine then. What face wouldn’t he be able to give then?

But what… Ah! Argh! She was really going insane!

Cara was filled with regret and quickly called her cousin, Mila. She wanted to ask if she could get Gerald to help them with the food and accommodation again.

Mila told her cousin that she could not get through to Gerald.

It was because, right now, Gerald had a different task to complete…

“Hurry up! You are so slow! why didn’t you answer? I thought you were going to slip away!”

Cassandra was driving her car, and she yelled coldly at Gerald, who was coming towards her.

“Sorry, instructor. My phone died. Can you lend me your power bank?”

Gerald pointed at the power bank in Cassandra’s car.

“Take it! Take it! You are really such a shameless person!” Cassandra replied in contempt.

Gerald plugged his phone into the power bank. According to their agreement, Cassandra would be bringing Gerald to the bar tonight.

Alas, after calming down and thinking it over, Gerald felt that this was all rather dramatic.

He was the owner of the Mayberry Commercial Street. Now, he was about to go and work at a new bar of a subordinate?

Gerald could not help but laugh when he thought about it.

“By the way, I have to tell you something,” asked Cassandra when she seemed to recall something.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 239
”Gerald, everyone who will be present are all reputable and influential people. My friend knows that you are my student. So, you better perform well tonight. If you dare embarrass me, you can wait for me to deal with you!” said Cassandra rudely.

Gerald did not answer and kept staring out the window.

“Watch your behavior!” Cassandra snorted before she finally stopped talking and focused on driving.

Cassandra was dressed attractively and provocatively today. In fact, this was Gerald’s first time being in such close proximity to her. He could smell her fragrance, and he would be lying if he said that this woman wasn’t attractive.

As Gerald was deep in his own thoughts, they had already arrived at the Mayberry commercial street’s new bar entrance.

Luxury cars large and small were parked in front of its entrance, and many people were walking in and out.

Gerald could also see that Flynn had sent the flower stand by the bar’s entrance. Whether he wanted it or not, he had to show some respect anyhow, since they were about to be working on the same street.

Even Michael, their new boss, had also sent them a flower stand as a blessing.

It was apparent the new bar’s owner must have very good and powerful connections too.

“Cassandra, why have you just gotten here? I have been waiting for you!”

A pair that held hands emerged from the crowd of people as they came over to greet Cassandra.

“I’m sorry! I’m a little late, thanks to those jams. Congratulations, Qassie! I hope that your business will keep prospering!” said Cassandra to the woman who was obviously the wife of the bar owner.

“Hahaha. I am just happy that you can make it here today. By the way, did you bring someone to help me out?”

“Yes, I did. He’s right here!”

The two continued their chat.

Gerald was bored, looking at the flower stands to see if there were any names he recognized.

Cassandra suddenly dragged Gerald over to Qassie.

“The lady boss is calling you.”

“Oh! Oh! Hello! I’m Gerald.”

Gerald reacted quickly, subconsciously extending his hand for a handshake.

Things had started to become awkward.

Qassie and her lover stared at Gerald’s hand with stiff expressions on their faces.

Who did he think he was?

Wasn’t he just a part-time employee? Did he really think he was worthy to shake their hand?

Many people these days placed a lot of emphasis on their face and reputation. Therefore, etiquette was an absolute necessity. However, if both parties’ status gaps were too large, shaking hands would be somewhat disrespectful.

Such was Qassie’s mentality.

She could only smile contemptuously.

“What are you doing? Pull your damn hand back right now!” Cassandra yelled.

“Please, have a little self-realization, will you? Qassie, why don’t you just give him something to do now?”

“Okay. He can go to the bar and help serve drinks or something…”

Qassie also looked at Gerald before she shook her head with a wry smile on her face.

And just like that, Gerald became a server at the bar.

Cassandra naturally followed Qassie, the lady boss, into the most luxurious room of the bar.

The establishment was very lively and packed to the brim, especially true for tonight since many rich heirs were here.

“Guests at Table 6 would like three dozen beers!”

“What? But I am too busy to go over! There are just too many guests tonight! We totally didn’t expect this. God-damn it! Are you standing idle, or what? Why didn’t you send the beers to Table 6?

The waiter at the bar pointed at Gerald, who had just sat down to rest after moving crates of wine.

“Hurry up!”

The waiter raised his voice again.

Gerald wasn’t sure if he should just do it or ignore the calls.

After thinking for a bit, he decided to do it since he’d taken up the job anyway.

So, he grabbed the beers and headed toward Table 6.


At Table 6.

“Come on, sisters! Are you happy? I, Sister Xabi, will give everyone a treat tonight! Everyone just enjoy yourself! We are not going home until we are completely wasted!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 240
There were six female guests at Table 6.

Obviously young university students, the ladies all appeared sexy, mature, and carried a beautiful charm to them.

The one called Sister Xabi downed an entire bottle of beer in one go before embracing her best friend, who was sitting next to her.

“Sara, what is wrong with you? You haven’t broadcasted live for the past two days, and you have been so sullen and depressed. You are usually the happiest when we are at a bar! You could always tell me if something is wrong.”

“Sister Xabi, do you think that hidden rich heirs exist? He obviously looks like a pauper who has no money at all. He might actually be really wealthy in secret, though. And I mean really, extremely, wealthy!”

The person sitting there was none other than Sara, who had just gotten a slap in the face.

She could not help but sound very depressed.

“Haha! Of course, there could always be people like that out there. It is, but however, very rare. Another situation that could rule out that possibility is if that person is narcissistic. Such people go as far as to take out massive loans just so they can appear wealthy and powerful. The fact is, these are usually the paupers!” replied Sister Xabi.

Sister Xabi seemed to have hailed from a relatively well-to-do background.

Sara nodded fiercely.

“Yes, Sister Xabi. According to my observations, this guy has to be a serious narcissist! I asked around and looked into his background, and I found out that he once won the lottery. Perhaps he is only rich because of that, yet, he’s so fond of showing-off!”

“Hehehe. Don’t take someone like that so seriously! Come, let’s drink! He will definitely become poor again sooner or later!”

Those words couldn’t help but make Sara feel a little relieved.

Frankly, it had been a full day but she was just as anxious as she was.

She had utterly no appetite to eat or drink and even felt that the wine was tasteless.

It was all because of that Gerald!

She had gotten a real hard slap in the face that morning, not to mention finding out about how Gerald could actually be Mr. Crawford.

The Lamborghini might just belong to him!

Sara couldn’t really understand how he could possibly be the owner of that car. If Gerald was really that rich, why was he bullied continuously?

It made no sense whatsoever.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence. The owner of the Lamborghini might have been someone else and Gerald could have just gone elsewhere.

Sara’s mood had improved considerably after the whole barrage of coaxing and persuading by Sister Xabi.

“Lassies, your beer is here!”

Gerald was already there with the beer.

He put it down before turning to leave.

“Damn it! You stop right there! Who you calling a lassie?” inquired Sister Xabi in a rage.

The group of girls was usually open-minded and outgoing. However, they were all very sensitive when it came to this term.

A server had actually called them ‘lassies?’

What did he mean when he called them that? It was self-evident.

Gerald was also taken aback by the unnecessary riposte.

He did not overthink about the term, simply addressing the group of beautiful girls in miniskirts with a friendly-sounding gesture.

Seeing the way they were dressed and judging their ages, it was all in good spirits that he referred to them that way.

He really didn’t expect something like that could cause any trouble.

“That… beauty. I am really sorry. Sorry! I made a mistake! Here’s your beer. Please enjoy it,” Gerald apologized heartfully with a slight bow.

When he raised his head, he was stunned when he saw her.

As for that girl, she too was stunned when she saw Gerald.



It was really inevitable for enemies to cross paths!

Sara was just talking about Gerald, but she didn’t really expect him to appear here.

Worse, why was Gerald a server at Zero Point Bar? Haha! Wasn’t he supposed to be extremely rich?

Sara didn’t know why she felt a whole different kind of pleasure when she saw him in this state.

She then saw that Gerald was preparing to leave again.

“Gerald, don’t leave just yet. Anyway, I’m considered an acquaintance now, right? Hahaha! Don’t you think that we should be discussing something?”

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