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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2310

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2310
The second that happened, the snipers who had been lying in ambush immediately rushed toward the banquet hall’s exterior, efficiently surrounding the area in no time flat as they patiently awaited Maddox’s command from the outside.

Meanwhile, inside the banquet hall, Maddox cleared his throat before declaring, “Thank you all for attending tonight! While some may say that the military shouldn’t be involved with the country’s economy, I say otherwise! We’re truthfully interested in knowing how you ‘re all developing as well! With that said, let us begin discussing the next step in improving Yanam’s economy!”

Ashe said all that, Maddox made sure not to even look a t Gerald for fear that his true intentions would end up getting exposed. That idiot would finally be his…!

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Unfortunately for Maddox, Gerald had already seen through all his plans.

Whatever the case was, Maddox then turned to look at Lucian making sure to casually glance at Gerald in the process before adding, “Why don’t we start with you, Lucian? Do share what the next step for your family is!”

“Though the Grubbs don’t have that many properties when compared to the others here, I’m honestly satisfied as long as I can keep them up and running. With that said, my family’s just going to continue doing what it’s always done. However, we aren’t against change, so do share your plans with us!” replied Lucian who had momentarily been caught off guard as he replied in a bureaucratic manner.

“Well said! What about the others?” said Maddox with a nod, clearly not planning to do anything just yet.

“I do have some things planned. Ever since ‘that’ incident, the three major families’ properties have been on the decline. If we just continue ignoring that, our economy could be negatively affected! With that said, since my family’s in the food industry, I’m planning to acquire all the food factories belonging to the Jewells. What do you think?” asked a middle aged man who was donning a suit rather loudly.

“I think it’s an excellent idea! If you need anything, do notify me and the military will try our best to fulfill your needs!” replied Maddox without the slightest hesitation. After all, he didn’t have much interest in who did the job. Still, he wasn’t against obtaining long term benefits from them by helping them now.

“I appreciate the feedback, deputy captain!” declared the middle aged man with a bow.

“As for my family, we don’t have any plans to further develop yet, so we’ll be doing the same as the Grubbs. Even so, I’d still appreciate help from the military!” said another middle aged man.

“But of course, we’ll help! Just contact my secretary whenever you need aid!” replied Maddox.

“That…” muttered the middle aged man, feeling rightfully puzzled. After all, throughout his many years doing business, not once had be gotten involved with those from the military. Yet here Maddox was, telling him to just contact his secretary. Since when had the military started getting involved with Yanam’s economy? It certainly didn’t help that Maddox sounded serious about all this!

“Hmm? Any questions?” asked Maddox.

“No, I… was just wondering how I should repay you for your help!” replied the middle aged man after quickly making something up, knowing that he’d get into trouble if he revealed his true thoughts.

Laughing in response, Maddox simply said, “We’re all people of Yanam, are we not? I’m just doing my part as a citizen! Also, I thought that this would be a good chance to get to know you guys, so don’t worry about repaying my aid!”

“Hear! Hear!” declared everyone, unable to help themselves from breathing sighs of relief…

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