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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2311

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2311
“Regardless, enough talk! You can contact my secretary when the time comes, but for now, dig in! No need to hold back just because I’m the deputy captain!” declared Maddox with a wave of his hand, prompting several servants to begin serving dishes and drinks.

“As if everything’s that simple… If his words were genuine, then the Maddox we’re looking at is a fake..!” sneered Lucian in a soft tone.

“Either way, we’ll see how things go. Still, I don’t think he’ll be daring enough to cause a mess before so many people,” replied Gerald as he began eating.

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“Aren’t you worried that he’ll try to poison you…?” muttered Lucian in a slightly concerned tone.

“Even if he does, his poison probably won’t affect me at all. Remember, I’m no ordinary person,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“… You’re right. Well, I guess I’ll dig in as well!” said Lucian who hadn’t considered that earlier. Only someone with high cultivation like Gerald would’ve been able to obtain the Devotion Mirror in the first place. With that said, ordinary poisons would definitely be ineffective on someone like him!

Either way, Gerald quickly finished his meal before raising his hand as he said, “Deputy captain? Could I have another set? I’m not quite full yet!”

Though he hadn’t expected Gerald to just call out to him like that, Maddox simply smiled as he faced one of the servants before ordering, “But of course! Serve that boy more food!”

To Maddox, the fact that Gerald had used such a friendly tone to speak with him must’ve meant that he was completely unaware of his plans. With that in mind, Maddox didn’t mind humoring Gerald’s request. After all, the boy was going straight to hell once he was full!

After thinking about that for a bit, Maddox turned to look at Lucian before saying, “Lucian!”

“Yes? Can I do anything for you, deputy captain?” asked Lucian as he lowered his fork and spoon.

“Indeed! Now that I think about it, who’s that young man beside you? I don’t recall seeing him before this,” replied Maddox as he looked at Gerald.

“Hmm? Oh, his name is Gerald Crawford, and he’s a guest of the Grubbs. Since his family owns quite a number of properties in Weston, I brought him over to widen his horizons. Who knows, he could end up collaborating with some of the bosses here!” explained Lucian.

“Oh? I heard that companies from Weston are known for their honesty and integrity!”

“Same here! I’m up for a collaboration!” exclaimed several of those present.

All of them knew that Lucian wouldn’t just bring someone random over. With that said, though Lucian hadn’t specified the kinds of properties Gerald’s family owned, the attendees were pretty sure that they were big ones. After all, why else would Lucian treat Gerald so respectfully?

“Gerald Crawford…? Wasn’t that the name of the person who had caused quite a bit of chaos in our country a while back?” replied Maddox with a slight frown, still pretending that he wasn’t aware of who Gerald was.

Hearing that, Gerald then got to his feet before cupping his hands before Maddox as he said, “I assure you that we just share the same name, deputy captain. After all, not only is this my first time in Yanam, but I’m also merely an ordinary person! There’s no way I’d ever be able to cause any sort of chaos!”

“… I see! True enough, plenty of people on the planet share the same name! Either way, I’m quite interested in Weston, so why don’t you stay back and introduce me to some of your properties after the party? Who knows, I could facilitate your collaborations with those in Yanam!” sneered Maddox.

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