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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2312

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2312
Though Lucian’s hands instantly began trembling, Gerald simply replied, “Why not? I may as well take the chance to learn more about Yanam as well!”

Upon hearing that, Lucian couldn’t help but whisper, “Why on earth would you promise him that…?!”

“Don’t worry about it. Since he wants me to stay so much, I’ll just oblige,” replied Gerald with a faint smile.

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“Still… Allow me to remind you that we’re still pretty close to the military base, so don’t do anything unnecessary to him. Remember, Lindsay is very likely in his hands, so if you kill him, we may never be able to get her back!” muttered Lucian who knew that Gerald wasn’t easily dissuaded.

“Copy that,” replied Gerald with a slight nod.

“Good to know… Either way, I’ll be trying my best to stay back with you,” replied Lucian as he resumed eating, not wanting Maddox to find him suspicious.

Shortly after, Gerald finished his meal and leaned against his seat with his eyes closed. Though he looked like he had dozed off, the truth was, Gerald was actively spreading out his essential qi to get a better grasp of what was happening around the mansion.

By the time he was done, Gerald sensed the presence of twenty snipers and over a hundred special forces soldiers around the area. There was apparently a group of people surrounding the banquet hall’s exterior as well.

Seeing all the effort Maddox had made to trap him, Gerald couldn’t help but smile. It would be rude of him not to stay back.

Meanwhile, Maddox who was unaware of what Gerald was doing could be seen talking and laughing with the entrepreneurs and patriarchs whom he had invited. While it was true that he had set all this up just to deal with Gerald, he wasn’t about to pass up the chance to get into these peoples’ good books. With their support, he would surely have an easier time snatching Carter’s position from him in the future…!

Regardless, the party soon ended and almost everyone was left satisfied. After all, Maddox was providing them with benefits unlike any other military official had done in the past! Of course, they were well aware that they’d have to return more commissions to him in exchange. However, since they were still going to be earning much more anyway, they didn’t find sharing a part of their earnings to Maddox as something unprofitable.

With nothing else to talk about, the drunken middle aged men then hobbled out of the banquet hall while saying, “Well… We’ll be taking our leave first, deputy captain…! We’ll surely pay you a visit once we’re free in the future…!”

Naturally, the soldiers outside had long retreated before the men even left the building.

Whatever the case was, upon hearing that, Maddox walked up to them with a smile as he replied, “Feel free to come anytime you want! I’ll be sure to keep all of you company!”

Once he had sent all of them off, Maddox’s smile instantly vanished as he nodded at his confidant before gesturing toward Gerald who was still in the hall. Seeing his cue, the confidant then got his walkie-talkie out before telling the snipers to get ready.

Following that, Maddox returned to the banquet hall and sat beside Lucian before saying, “You know, it’s getting rather late, Lucian. Why don’t you head back first? Don’t worry, I’ll have someone drive him home once I’m done talking to him.”

“With all due respect, Gerald’s new to this place, so he’s still unaware of many of our customs. Because of that, I insist that I say,” replied Lucian with a slightly awkward smile, not wanting to offend Maddox.

“It’s fine, isn’t it? In the end, we were all once ordinary people who worked our way up, so I couldn’t care less about formalities. Besides, it’s not like we’re going to have an important talk or anything. It’s just going to be a friendly chat,” replied Maddox in an annoyed tone.

“… Fine… Then… Can I at least wait outside…?” muttered Lucian in resignation.

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