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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2314

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2314
“A bit overprepared, don’t you think?” scoffed Gerald before chuckling.

“Can’t be helped. After all, I had several prestigious guests over today. Have to make sure I keep them safe, you know? Either way, step aside and let him leave,” replied Maddox.

“Roger!” declared the snipers before making way for Gerald.

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Simply shaking his head, Gerald then walked out of the villa as everyone watched him leave.

Shortly after, Maddox’ s confidant inched over to Maddox’s side before whispering, “… Um… Deputy captain…? That was our best shot of killing him…! Why did you just let him off like that…?”

Smacking the back of his confidant’s head, Maddox then grumbled, “Do I have to spell everything out? Today’s goal was just to see who Gerald had been staying with! The last thing I want is for him to continue being off radar! Putting that aside, if we deal with him now, not only will the Grubbs be after our heads, but Weston as a whole will also be giving us trouble!”

“I… I get it now…! You’re planning to get rid of him once he finds out that we have Lindsay and attempts to save her, right…?” whimpered the confidant as he covered his head.

“Bingo. If we take him out like that and everything goes perfectly, then his death will be called a ‘mysterious disappearance’ that won’t implicate us!” said Maddox a she watched Gerald finally leave his sight.

Moving back to Gerald, he had barely left the villa when he saw the Grubb family’s car parked not too far away. Up on seeing Gerald, Lucian immediately got out of the car before asking, “That was fast. Why did you leave so quickly? Did he make things difficult for you?”

“Putting that aside, why didn’t you head home, Mr. Grubb?” asked Gerald as he got into the car.

“I was just worried for your safety… I figured that as long as I was here, they wouldn’t dare to do anything to you,” replied Lucian with a sigh of relief now that he knew Gerald was safe.

“He wouldn’t have dared to kill me with or without you. Besides, his men wouldn’t have been able to defeat me in the first place,” said Gerald without a worry in the world.

“His… men?” asked Lucian, feeling slightly puzzled.

After all, he had previously asked Gerald if he sensed any danger, but the boy had simply shrugged the question off.

“Indeed. Twenty snipers and about a hundred special forces soldiers, to be exact. They had been hiding all over the villa this entire time,” replied Gerald as he patted the driver’s shoulder, prompting him to start driving.

“My god!” exclaimed the shocked Lucian.

“Don’t worry, it was all just for show. He probably wanted to scare me or something,” replied Gerald as he rolled the car window down to look around.

“That’s absolutely terrifying! Had Maddox simply ordered his soldiers to open fire, all of us could’ve died there and then!” exclaimed Lucian, his forehead now drenched in cold sweat.

“Relax. Remember, he’s still the deputy captain of Yanam’s seas, so he won’t make such an amateurish mistake,” replied Gerald.

“Either way, let’s head back… I was slightly drunk earlier but this conversation has fully sobered me up…” muttered Lucian as he rolled his own window down to feel the cool night breeze on his face.

“Speaking of which, I no longer have any doubts that Lindsay is with Maddox,” replied Gerald with a sigh. “Oh? Did he mention anything about her?” asked the surprised Lucian.

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