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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2317

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2317
“Well, due to all this heavy rain, it’s honestly best if you leave for the island today. Otherwise, delays may happen and you wouldn’t want to miss the first day of the auction, right?” said the butler.

Hearing that, Lucian turned to look at Gerald before asking, “Are you fine with leaving today?”

“I’m good to go,” replied Gerald with a shrug.

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Nodding in response, Lucian was about to leave when he suddenly remembered Gerald’s request. With that, he turned to look at his butler again before saying, “Speaking of which, use our family’s connections to obtain some guns. The more, the better.”

“That’ll be difficult, but I’ll try my best,” replied the butler with a slightly troubled expression.

“I don’t care even if you have to spend extra to get smuggled ones. They’re crucial for the rescue mission,” declared Lucian.

Upon hearing that, the butler had no choice but to reply, “… Understood.”

“Now that that’s out of the way… Go get Aiden. We’ll be leaving as soon as we’re done packing up. As Mr. Schmidt said, the rain will probably impede our journey, so the sooner we head out, the better,” said Lucian as he looked at Gerald. Fast forward to half an hour later, all three of them were all packed up and ready to go.

After driving for quite a bit, they eventually arrived at the port where they would be transported to the island at around noon. As the trio made their way to the small pier, they saw that at least a dozen small boats had already been moored there. From the looks of it, they had been hired by the auction’s organizers to help people get to the island. Regardless, though the boats were pretty small, together, they were still a sight to behold.

Whatever the case was, after approaching a seated man who was wearing a long robe, Lucian asked, “How much to get to the island?”

“Twenty thousand dollars,” replied the man without even looking up.

“Here,” said Lucian as he handed the man a wooden box, unsurprised by the outrageous price. After all, this wasn’t Lucian’s first time here, and the pricing had been different every time anyway. Still, it was lucky that he had prepared enough before coming over.

Taking the box, the man then looked inside before closing it again, not even bothering to count the exact amount inside. Following that, he handed it to another man-who was standing nearby-who then tossed the cash into his car.

“The three of you, right? Go on!” said the man as he pointed at the boats.

As they began walking down the dock, Aiden couldn’t help but mutter, “… Isn’t that pricing a bit outrageous…?”

“Twenty thousand is nothing for those attending the auction. In a way, the pricing also acts as a screening process to differentiate between those who really wish to participate and those who are merely here hoping to get some excitement,” replied Lucian as he displayed proof of his payment upon arriving at one of the small boats.

Following that, the three were handed oars before they got into the boat and began rowing. Looking around, Gerald saw that many others were also rowing in the same direction.

Before he could wonder how long they would need to row, however, a tailwind suddenly began blowing. While the wind itself wasn’t all that strong, it allowed their boats to sail forward extremely smoothly.

“You know, I really can’t even begin comprehending the power that the auction organizer holds!” muttered Lucian as he stopped rowing and placed his oar to the side.

“Indeed… This really is something else…” said Gerald with a nod. After all, aside from the fact that there were so many boats on the move, the island wasn’t even in sight yet! How strong was the organizer if they were able to conjure winds to move them forward from this range…?

Lighting a cigarette as he enjoyed the cool sea breeze, Lucian then muttered, “I wonder what’s going to be on auction this time… I remember the final auction item being a treasure map the last time the auction was held.”

“I see… speaking of which, do they accept cards?” asked Gerald, remembering that Lucian had paid in cash earlier.

“Of course they do. It’s not like they’re completely isolated from the world. Still, bear in mind that everything here will cost at least a few million dollars…” replied Lucian with a nod.

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