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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2318

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2318
“Glad to hear,” said Gerald.

“Is there something you’re hoping to buy?” asked Lucian in a curious tone.

“Nothing in particular, though if I find anything good, I may bid for it,” replied Gerald as he shook his head. While he wasn’t a big fan of auctions, since this one was held once every five years, he had a feeling that there were bound to be items that would catch his fancy. Should he come across one, he would surely bid for it.

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After all, what was money to Gerald?

“… Well, alright, but again, I warn that this auction is going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Weston. Once we’re on the island, even random street stall items can cost millions of dollars! With that said, you’ll need millions to purchase even a single auction item…” explained Lucian, hoping that his warnings would help Gerald avoid getting overly disappointed by his lack of purchasing power later.

“I understand,” replied Gerald in an indifferent tone.

After all, he already knew that this was a game for the rich ever since Lucian had told him that the auction was only held once every five years.

“I’m glad. Either way, we’ll probably be on the boat for a few more hours, but rest assured, the organizers have designated places for us to rest once we arrive at the island. While the auction starts the day after tomorrow, the street stalls on the island will begin operating by morning. With that said, maybe we’ll find something nice tomorrow morning,” explained Lucian as he looked at all the other similar boats.

After giving a nod, Gerald simply closed his eyes in response, releasing his essential qi in the process. Since Lucian had mentioned that many cultivators were attending the auction, Gerald knew he had to be careful. True enough, with the aid of his Herculean Primordial Spirit-which allowed him to sense everything within a ten kilometer radius, Gerald quickly learned that there were cultivators in almost every boat. Some of them were even stronger than him, but only marginally.

Gerald wasn’t about to let his guard down before those who didn’t appear to be cultivators either. After all, who knew whether they were actually at cultivation levels so high that even he was unable to detect them?

While he wouldn’t have been this cautious in the past, after getting to know Jobson and the old man in the ancient ruins, Gerald now knew that there were countless more cultivators out there who were much stronger than him. He just wasn’t strong enough to be worthy of meeting them yet!

Regardless, as he looked at the boats around them, Aiden couldn’t help but ask, “… Say… Won’t commoners find all these boats leaving the port suspicious…?”

“Well, every time there’s an auction, the organizers disguise the event as something else. Due to that, commoners tend to just ignore all this. Besides, the island is quite far from shore and there’s even a sea fog around it, so there really isn’t a chance of the auction getting found out,” explained Lucian as he pointed at the fog in the distance.

Fast forward to around five hours later, the outlines of the island could be seen, prompting Gerald to stretch before giving his surroundings a good look Though this was just an auction, there were countless cultivators attending, so he had to remain vigilant at all times.

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