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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2319

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2319
It was half an hour later when the boats were finally anchored at the shore by a few men donning long robes.

Upon disembarking, Lucian immediately displayed their tickets before saying, “The three of us are from the Grubb family in Yanam.”

“Right this way,” replied one of the men after taking a brief glance at the trio.

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Nodding in response, Lucian then put their tickets away before gesturing for Gerald and Aiden to keep close as he said, “Alright, let’s have a meal before getting some rest. Since the sky’s going dark soon, I believe that the street stalls won’t open today.”

Though the island appeared small, upon entering, Gerald quickly realized that it was probably even bigger than Gong Island. What more, instead of having a modern look, the island honestly felt like an ancient Weston town. Gerald, for one, felt like he had just time-traveled a thousand years back.

Now feeling a bit more curious about the island, Gerald was prompted to ask, “Do people actually live on this island…?”

“From what I know, the organizer only sends people over a month or two-before the auction takes place-to clean the place up. Following that, they’ll host all the bidders and once the auction ends, the place will be cleaned up again before the island is sealed off. Speaking of which, there’s something that you may find interesting. You see, quite a few people who’ve attended the auction before have claimed that as they were passing through this area-when the auction wasn’t on, the island couldn’t be seen at all! It was almost as though the island only appeared whenever an auction was about to be held! Though many already know about this rumor, nobody’s been able to crack the code of the vanishing island!” explained Lucian as he continued leading the duo to the place they were going to be staying at, at least according to the invitation card.

Regardless, upon hearing that, Gerald instantly frowned as he said, “… Come again?”

“Hmm? Did I say something wrong?” asked Lucian as he stopped walking for a while.

“Well… you mentioned the island only being visible whenever an auction is being held, correct?” asked Gerald as he thought about Yearning Island. After dealing with the Crawford cultivators back then, he had learned of Yearning Island’s mysterious ability to just vanish, something that this very island they were on was apparently capable of doing as well.

“I did, though I assure you it’s only a rumor. Unless you’ve seen this island before?” replied Lucian as he shook his head.

“Negative. I never even knew that this auction existed before you told me,” muttered the frowning Gerald who was already certain that this island was equally as abnormal as Yearning Island.

Knowing Gerald well enough, Aiden-who had thought the same thing as Gerald after hearing Lucian’s explanation-was prompted to ask, “Are you thinking about Yearning Island, Gerald?”

“Indeed… If there truly is a relationship between this island and Yearning Island, then if I learn this place’s secrets, I may finally be able to figure out how to get to Yearning Island!” declared Gerald with a nod.

“… What exactly is this, Yearning Island…?” asked Lucian, feeling utterly confused.

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