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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2321

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2321
Once Gerald had left, Lucian couldn’t help but mutter, “While it’s definitely possible to learn about the island’s secrets if he manages to contact the auction’s organizer, they’re not a person he can just meet all willy-nilly!”

Lucian genuinely wanted to help Gerald out since not only had the boy promised to share the secrets of the Devotion Mirror, once he unlocked its secrets-with him, but Gerald was also willingly risking his life to save Lindsay! Even so, he had no idea how to even help. After all, it wasn’t like he could talk to the organizer on Gerald’s behalf. Hell, he didn’t even know anyone who had met up with the organizer in the past decade!

“Don’t worry too much about it. There are just some things that we can’t help with,” comforted Aiden when he saw how perplexed Lucian looked.

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Sighing in response, Lucian replied, “I know… I just want to help him for once…”

Though Lucian was plagued with guilt, Gerald, on the contrary, was as cool as a cucumber in his room. After all, he already knew how difficult this investigation was going to be. Understanding how immensely powerful the organizer was, Gerald had made up his mind that if he still failed to uncover the island’s secrets after trying his best, then he would just give up. After all, cracking the code wouldn’t do him any good if he ended up dead. Whatever the case was, Gerald figured that he should start by simply wandering around the island in hopes of finding potential clues.

Compared to when they had first arrived, many more food stalls had been set up by the time the trio headed out for dinner. With so many stalls, it was no surprise that many of them sold international cuisines from Weston, Japan, and even Meinberg, one of the smaller countries!

Eventually, however, they settled on a Weston stall and Lucian quickly ordered two Weston dishes. Shortly after, Gerald who had sensed waves of essential qi around him couldn’t help but whisper, “There’s quite a number of cultivators around us…”

“Indeed… After all, there’s a five-year gap between each auction. It only makes sense for all the large families and cultivators from Asia and Southeast Asia to attend. While it may look lively now, things can get chaotic really quickly, and many bad things have happened here before. Some even take the chance to kill others during the event,” replied Lucian in a hushed tone as he slurped on his soup.

“Hmm? Doesn’t the organizer intervene?” asked Gerald with a slight frown.

“The organizer doesn’t bother with most things that happen here. As long as the auction is held and you don’t do anything that will affect their interest, they won’t make a move. An example would be what happened some twenty years ago… It was my third time attending the auction back then, and I remember someone trying to steal one of the auction items. Unfortunately for him, he was quickly subdued by a group of men in black. He didn’t even stand a fighting chance… Either way, nobody’s dared to cause any trouble since then, though fights and revenge-seeking is still quite commonplace on this private island. After all, it isn’t under the jurisdiction of any country, so murder has no consequences…” explained Lucian.

“I see…” said Gerald with a slight nod.

“With all that said, let’s just try not to get into any trouble here. After all, we can never be too sure how strong one actually is here…” muttered Lucian as he got to his feet when he saw the food stall owner walking toward them with their dishes.

“Don’t worry, I’m just here to look around. It’s not like I look for trouble for fun,” replied Gerald with a smile.

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