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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2322

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2322
Just as they were about to dig in, however, a loud ‘thud’ could be heard, followed by a ‘crash’! Naturally, everyone immediately turned to look at the source of the sound… and were quickly greeted by the sight of a bearded young man who looked to be in his thirties lying in a pool of his own blood! His eyes widened in fear, the man could be seen struggling for a while, desperately attempting to ask for help. However, even when his body went fully limp, nobody seemed to care.

They simply continued eating as though the one who had just died was nothing but a rat.

Bringing his bow! Of soup to his mouth-but clearly having lost his appetite-, Lucian then lowered the bowl again before saying, “Well, that’s probably a textbook example of what I said earlier. Poor man probably offended someone who waited till now just to murder him without any repercussions…”

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“Possibly. This truly is an excellent place to commit murder…” replied Gerald in a nonchalant tone.

Gerald, for one, knew that auctions outside of Weston were never peaceful, and he had heard several tales of how chaotic auctions could get in Southeastern countries like Yanam and Meinberg. Once the auctions began, the participants’ lives bore little meaning, and cultivators-who were used to seeing blood and death, had no issue with murder.

Regardless, though the corpse was sprawled in the middle of the street, everyone who walked past only gave it a brief glance before looking away. Shortly after, a few men donning gray robes walked up to the body and picked it up before quickly moving toward the sea.

With how efficient they were, nobody would’ve been able to guess what had happened there if the puddle of blood didn’t remain.

Either way, once they were done with dinner, Gerald told Aiden and Lucian that he was going to wander around the island after a quick shower. Though Aiden wanted to come along, Gerald firmly refused. After all, if a man could murder out in the open without any repercussions here, then Gerald would rather not have Aiden who was completely powerless against cultivators face the risk of dying out here.

Whatever the case was, once Gerald was done with his shower, he slipped a new packet of cigarettes into his pocket before getting ready to leave. However, before he could even walk out the door, a thin, old woman who looked to be around eighty called out, “Where are you planning on going at this hour?”

Turning to look at the old woman seated by the door who honestly looked like a child with how tiny her hunched back made her look Gerald then lit a cigarette before shrugging as he replied, “It’s my first time here so I figured that I may as wellhead out to have a look around. Besides, I don’t like being in such a stuffy room for too long.”

“I advise you to stay indoors at night. It’s even more dangerous out there now that it’s dark. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say that you’d possibly get killed by mistake the second you stepped out. See that dark spot over there? A man was killed about an hour ago, and his body’s been tossed into the sea…” said the old woman in a hoarse voice as she pointed at the dried bloodstains.

“Yeah, I was there when it happened,” replied Gerald.

“While you’re quite capable, you’re not the strongest here by any means,” said the old woman as she scanned Gerald from head to toe.

“With all due respect, I’m simply heading out for a stroll. I won’t be offending anyone, so I should end up fine,” replied Gerald as he looked straight into her eyes.

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