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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2325

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2325
Upon seeing Gerald being dragged off, the old man immediately stopped in his tracks. While he was pretty sure that the intruder’s savior was an old woman, her aura felt oddly familiar.

“Was that the young mistress…?” muttered the old man to himself. Knowing how quirky the girl was, the man eventually decided to turn back, withdrawng his essential qi in the process.

His thought process was to first contact the young mistress’s family to confirm whether that was truly her. If it wasn’t, then he’d just resume hunting the boy down. While he wasn’t able to get a good look at Gerald’s face, nobody escaped his grasps!

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Moving back to Gerald, it wasn’t long before he found himself back at the building he was staying in. Once inside, he quickly straightened his clothes before placing his palm and fist together as he respectfully said, “Thank you for saving me, senior!”

Had she not stepped in at the last moment, Gerald knew that he would’ve entered a world of trouble. Hell, even if he had managed to escape, he was pretty sure that he would’ve somehow ended up offending the auction’s organizer… And with the power they possessed, killing him would probably be as easy as squashing an ant.

“I told you not to wander about, didn’t I? Still, while I had expected you to end up offending a few people, I never would’ve imagined that you’d dare to head to that mountain!” muttered the old woman who had hardly broken a sweat as she sat on her folding stool again.

“I just got a bit curious… After all, I hadn’t been able to see the mountain till I was at least a kilometer from it! I never expected to get into trouble just for that…” muttered Gerald as he quivered slightly.

“Just go back to sleep. I’m pretty sure that old man wasn’t able to see your face, so you’re good. Besides, you’re not the first to wander into that area by mistake, so you don’t have to worry about your safety,” replied the old woman as she waved her hand.

“I will… Still, why did you save me earlier? After all, we’ve only met once and I even went against your advice!” muttered Gerald with a smile as he squatted before the woman. The fact that he wasn’t able to sense any murderous intent from her only served to increase his curiosity.

“I was just free at the time,” replied the old woman, prompting Gerald’s eyes to immediately widen, clearly not expecting that answer.

“Either way, it’s getting late, so go get some rest first And remember not to wander about the island anymore. I’m not saving you a second time,” said the old woman as she lowered her head.

“… Very well. Again, I appreciate your help,” replied Gerald with a bow before heading upstairs, knowing that he wasn’t going to get any more information out of her.

Regardless, it was about ten minutes later when the old woman got to her feet before leaving the building. The place she was headed to was near the coast, and not too far from the huge mountain. Upon arriving, she was greeted by the sight of a row of houses and several young men donning black uniforms similar to what the men at the port and the shore had been wearing standing guard before the doors of each building.

After entering one of the houses and into her room, the old woman slipped her clothes off… revealing a set of modem clothes underneath them. Following that, her hunchback was quickly straightened and her figure turned slender as well. By the time her transformation was done, the fair skinned girl looked like she was merely in her twenties.

The second she slipped into a jacket, a knock could be heard at the door, followed by a hoarse voice asking, “Was that you earlier, young mistress?”

“Please enter, Third elder,” replied the woman in an almost ethereal voice.

“Right away,” replied the voice as the door to her room opened… Revealing the man who had earlier been chasing Gerald! However, instead of looking sinister, the old man, after taking his hat off had a kind expression on his face.

“Answering your question, yes, that was me. Either way, if he still wanders the island after this, just drive him away. He must not be hurt,” ordered the young mistress as she sat cross-legged on a chair, her eyes clear, just like what Gerald had first seen.

“But… This island hides our family’s secrets, young mistress! Just so you know, that kid wasn’t exactly weak, and I’m certain he would have eventually been able to get past the essential qi barrier and enter Mount Nimbus had I not stopped him earlier!” said the man in gray, a worried expression on his face.

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