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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2327

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2327
After all, not only did he discover that the island was similar to Yearning Island, but he had also come across a large mountain-which was only visible within a certain range that was surrounded by an essential qi barrier. What more, aside from bumping into a man in gray who had attempted to capture him, he also met up with a mysterious old lady who kept giving him advice! To think that just being here for half a day would be this eventful… He didn’t even know why all this was happening to him.

Either way, it was near dawn when Gerald finally ended up falling asleep.

The next thing he knew, it was already noon. Frowning slightly, Gerald then washed his face with cold water, planning to head out again. Before he was even able to leave, however, he watched as Aiden pushed the door open with some food in hand.

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“Oh? So you’re finally awake,” said Aiden as he put the food on a table.

“Indeed… Have you been out all morning?” asked Gerald with a nod as he flopped onto a sofa.

“Pretty much. I headed out with uncle Grubb. We ended up splitting up some time ago when he went off to pay for something but didn’t return for quite a while. Figuring that he was haggling or something, I simply returned first with the food since I thought you’d be hungry,” explained Aiden as he unpacked the food and placed them before Gerald.

Taking a burrito, Gerald then asked, “I see… Any interesting news you heard while you were out there?”

Naturally, Gerald was worried that the organizer was after his head after what he had done last night. If that really was the case, then he definitely had to leave as soon as he could. Nothing good would come to be if he ended up getting captured.

“Not at all… Actually, hold on, I think I heard something about a fight of sorts last night…” muttered Aiden.

“I see… Anything else?” asked Gerald, figuring that the fight was the one among the six individuals whom he had seen last night.

“Not that I’ve heard of,” replied Aiden after giving it some thought.

“Good to hear,” said Gerald who was relieved to hear that. Still, he couldn’t help but find it odd. After all, he had clearly entered a forbidden area of the island last night, and the old man looked determined to kill him back then as well. Why wasn’t the organizer after his head yet? Even if they weren’t planning on capturing him, shouldn’t news about his actions be spread around at the very least…?

While it was definitely puzzling, it was still good news. Maybe that old man had simply thought that driving him away was enough. Whatever the case was, the important thing was that he was going to be safe, at least for now.

“Speaking of which, did you find anything last night?” asked Aiden as he bit into his own burrito, completely unaware of Gerald’s worries.

“Nothing, ” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

Sighing in response, Aiden then muttered, “It’s not going to be easy to learn about the island… Should we just find a way to get to know the organizer so that we can ask them directly…?”

“That’s a terrible idea and you know it,” replied Gerald with a helpless smile.

“Well, we can’t just rely on you slowly learning about this place… After all, if you accidentally head somewhere that you shouldn’t, the organizer could come after you!” muttered Aiden as he handed Gerald who had finished his burrito-another one.

Coughing out loud, Gerald then grumbled, “You jinxing me or something…?”

“Sorry, sorry…” replied Aiden with a sheepish grin.

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