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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2329

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2329
“What is?” asked Aiden as he stared in the same direction as Gerald was, not knowing what Gerald was looking for.

“It’s nothing. Either way, back to the stroll,” replied Gerald as he shook his head. Until he got a better understanding of the situation, Gerald didn’t really want to tell Aid en about all this, fearing that he would trouble him. That way, if he needed that old woman’s help, Aiden wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Regardless, the second he stepped outside, Gerald saw that the streets were now packed with vendors. With so many people walking about, Gerald would’ve definitely assumed that this noisy place was a market had not known any better.

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Leaning against Gerald, Aiden then muttered in an indifferent tone, “You know, despite there being so many stalls, they only extend to a few hundred meters up ahead. It really makes you wonder why they’d just decide to cram themselves in a concentrated area…”

“Maybe that’s as far as they’re allowed to go,” replied Gerald who knew that that was probably the truth though he simply played dumb.

Noticing the dried up blood stains from before, Gerald simply shook his head before placing his arms against his back as he said, “Either way, let’s go take a look around.”

As the duo walked deeper into the crowd, two men wearing gray uniforms who had been keeping watch over them from a distance turned to look at each other. One of them was the old man who had nearly attacked Gerald the night before.

“Think he’s the one?” asked the old man as he straightened his neck, his eyes still on the duo.

“He should be. After all, young mistress said she met him here, and we haven’t seen anyone else that fits her description of him leaving the building all day,” replied the other man as he pointed at the wooden building that Gerald had just left from.

“Fair enough. Either way, we mustn’t allow him to leave our sights. Still, to think that after ten whole years of searching for the Herculean Primordial Spirit, the boy carrying it would come to us instead!” muttered the old man as he continued keeping an eye on Gerald.

“It’s because of the young mistress’s extreme luck,” replied the other man.

“Indeed… Speaking of which, does master know about all this?” asked the old man as he began tailing Gerald.

“He does. After telling him about it this morning, he said that he’d return to the island immediately,” said the man.

“I see. If you told him this morning, then he should be arriving soon… You know what, I’m leaving the young man to you. I need to prepare for the master’s return. However, make sure to always keep him safe and don’t lose sight of him, understand?” replied the old man, prompting the other man to nod.

Seeing that, the old man then headed off, prompting the other man to continue tailing Gerald. Since the man maintained a constant ten meters away from Gerald, the boy never realized that he was being followed.

While Gerald would’ve certainly been able to detect him if he activated his essential qi, he made sure not to release any after what had happened last night. That way, the odds of that old man recognizing him would be greatly lowered.

Either way, as they walked on, Aiden who had been by Gerald’s side this entire time couldn’t help but widen his eyes as he muttered, “Guns? Here?”

Turning to look at the stall Aiden was looking at, Gerald was greeted by the sight of a man wearing a mercenary uniform selling a few of the Western Union’s newest rifle models together with their appropriate bullets.

“Anything goes here I guess,” replied Gerald as he continued walking forward. Aide from the guns in that stall, most of the other vendors were simply selling herbs that they couldn’t even name.

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