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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2335

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2335
“Then what are you waiting for, Mia? You have less than a year left! If we don’t act quick, the boy may leave and we may not be able to locate him again!” replied Walter in an urgent tone. After all, his daughter’s life was on the line!

Upon hearing that, Mia couldn’t help but blush as she muttered, “Please leave me and my father be for a moment…”

Nodding in response, Third Elder and the others quickly left the room…

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Once they were gone, Mia clenched her sleeves before adding in a tiny voice, “… Father, I’m sure you’re aware of what I have to do with that boy in order to cure the cold poison in my body…”

After a brief pause, Walter then replied, “I’m well aware…”

“Then can I at least get to know this person first…? I need to at least be able to accept him before allowing him to treat my cold poison, right…?” said Mia, feeling extremely embarrassed.

“You’re being too picky! While I know that it’d be best if you could be together with that boy, beggars can’t be choosers. If you’re really that self-conscious about it, I can just kill him after your condition is cured!” declared Walter, his gaze frigid.

“You… You’re planning to kill my savior…?” muttered Mia, her eyes focused on her father.

Suddenly feeling immensely awkward, Walter averted his gaze before saying, “It’s all for your own good…”

“Since you’re saying that, just let me get to know him a bit… If he doesn’t meet my requirements at all, I’d rather die from the cold poison!” replied Mia in a firm tone.

“Bullsh*t! You can’t joke about your life like that! My daughter, I’ve let you have your way with everything ever since you were born… However, I’m doing things my way this time. Stay here and I’ll go capture that cultivator right this instant! I’ll let you decide what to do with him once he cures the cold poison!” growled Walter as he got up before striding toward the door.

Grabbing onto her father’s arm, Mia then pleaded, “Father, wait! I… I promise I’ll make him remove the cold poison in my body… Just… give me some time… Please…?”

“Do you promise?” growled Walter as he actively suppressed his anger.

“I swear!” declared Mia with a firm nod.

“You have until the day the auction is over. If he leaves, it’ll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! You only have ten months left, so if you don’ t act quick, I’m intervening whether you like it or not,” replied Walter who couldn’t help but give in when he saw his daughter’s eyes begin to water.

“Understood…” muttered Mia with a nod, knowing that her father only wanted what was best for her.

“Alright… Now go get some rest. I wish to see the young man at the auction tomorrow. Even if he doesn’t have a family, as long as he looks alright and has a good personality, I’m willing to accept him as my son-in-law. Of course, that’s only if my previous daughter thinks the same,” said Walter as he softened his tone.

After searching for the person possessing the Herculean Primordial Spirit for over ten years, who could blame him for feeling so overwhelmed?

“I… Yes father, I’ll be taking my leave first…” muttered Mia, feeling slightly embarrassed again.

Watching as his daughter left, Walter then added, “You’ll be following me to the auction tomorrow, alright? After all, I still don’t know what Gerald looks like, so you’ll have to point him out to me…”

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