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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2336

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2336
“Understood, father…” replied Mia as she closed the door behind her.

Fast forward to early the next morning, Gerald could be seen lying on his bed, his eyes wide open. After all that had happened, he hadn’t been able to sleep a wink, and he had pondered about the turn of events throughout the night to no avail.

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when a knock on his door was heard, followed by Aiden saying, “That Yaacob fellow is here…”

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Upon hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but sigh. While he didn’t like the idea of someone keeping an eye on him, what else could he do? Rolling off his bed, he then pushed his door open before replying, “Let him in…”

By the time Gerald was done washing his face, Yaacob was already seated in the living room.

Seeing Gerald, Yaacob quickly pointed at a few bags of food on the table before saying, “I got up early to get breakfast for everyone! Do try out what I bought! I’m sure you’ll love my picks!”

“I appreciate it…” replied Gerald in a slightly helpless tone.

“No problem! Hmm? Ah, you’re awake, uncle! Come have some food before it gets cold!” declared Yaacob who couldn’t read the mood at all as he watched Lucian exit his room.

Naturally, Lucian was slightly confused to see the unfamiliar face, prompting him to ask, “And this is..?”

“A new friend I made…” muttered Gerald.

“I see… Well, I go by Lucian Grubb, but you can just call me Uncle Grubb,” replied Lucian with a nod as he outstretched his hand toward Yaacob.

“Yaacob Zeman! Just call me Yaacob!” declared Yaacob with a cheeky smile as he returned the handshake.

“Pleasure to meet you. Regardless, we only have half an hour left to enter the auction hall. With that said, finish your breakfast quickly or we’ll be barred from entering,” muttered Lucian as he handed Gerald and Aiden an admission ticket each.

Before Gerald and Aiden could take their tickets, Yaacob fished out a gold plated entrance ticket from his pocket before placing it on the table and saying, “You can keep those tickets, Uncle Grubb. I have a ticket to the VIP seats, so just come along with me!”

“You… what? But how?” exclaimed Lucian, clearly flabbergasted by the turn of events. After all, such seats were only reserved for either large Westoner families or the most powerful of cultivators!

The Grubb family was naturally unable to compare to those two groups, so Lucian had never dreamed of getting to sit in the auction’s VIP area. Hell, this was the first time he had ever seen a ticket for the VIP seats!

As for Gerald and Aiden, both of them could only exchange glances. While Aiden looked rightfully confused, Gerald himself was as cool as a cucumber. After all, he knew that Yaacob was a disciple of the organizer’s family. With that said, him having access to such a ticket only made sense.

Regardless, Yaacob-who had anticipated this response simply replied, “Let’s just say I got it by chance. Either way, I had initially thought it would be lonely to head there alone. Thankfully, I bumped into brother Gerald, so we can now chat during the auction!”

“Well, if you’re inviting… Sure, why not,” said Lucian.

Gerald himself simply nodded at Yaacob before adding, “We appreciate it.”

“Oh… This… is nothing, don’t mention it,” replied Yaacob, suddenly feeling embarrassed. After all, he was only doing all this because Third elder had sent him a message last night, asking him to bring Gerald to the VIP seats-on the second floor-so that the patriarch could have a good look at him.

Either way, once breakfast was done, the four of them set out together…

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