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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2337

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2337
The auction itself was being held in a huge, round building in the middle of the island that somewhat resembled a Roman colosseurn, mostly because its center was hollow to allow for better lighting. Aside from that, the auction house was two stories high, with the upper floor being a round platform with several well-arranged ‘boxes’ where the audience could sit.

All the boxes were surrounded by clear, tempered glass that allowed the audience to see the auction table on the first floor. Speaking of the first floor, there were at least three hundred rows of wooden benches down there. Before the benches, stood the auction table, and behind the table, were two wooden doors that gave access to the backstage.

Whatever the case was, people were already swarming into the building at eight in the morning. As for Gerald and his party, since they had Yaacob’s ticket with them, they simply ascended the wooden staircase beside the auction house before heading to the upper floor.

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When the clansman saw Yaacob, he immediately gestured toward the door without even bothering to see the ticket before saying, “Please, come in.”

Nodding in response, Yaacob then began leading the group to their viewing box as he said, “You know, I heard they serve tons of food and drinks in every box.”

Upon getting to their viewing area, they found that aside from a sofa that could fit up to five people there was also a long table that was filled with all sorts of food as well as a few bottles of mineral water.

“While this isn’t my first time attending this auction, it truly is a first for me to be able to enter the VIP seating area…” muttered Lucian as he sat on the couch, a complicated emotion on his face as he stared at the noisy crowd at the bottom.

“Since you’re friends with brother Gerald, you can sit in the VIP viewing boxes in any future auctions!” declared Yaacob as he patted his chest reassuringly.

“I’ll take your word for it, then!” replied Lucian.

Though he knew that Gerald was going to leave his family soon, he had a feeling that Gerald would return for the next auction now that he knew about all this.

As people continued entering the auction house, nobody including Gerald and his party noticed that there was actually a hidden second-floor viewing box behind the auction table.

Though nothing looked out of the ordinary from outside that viewing box, from the inside, everything outside could be seen clearly. Naturally, this was the viewing area that Walter and his daughter were sitting in. Standing by their sides were Third elder and at least a dozen clansmen from their family.

After looking around for a bit, Walter was prompted to ask, “So… where’s the boy? Has Yaacob brought them over?”

“Yaacob’s an excellent disciple who’s never messed up before. With that said, I believe that they should already be here…” muttered Third elder who was also looking around.

“He’s already here…” said Mia who hadn’t had any trouble locating Gerald.

“Where?” asked Walter as he and Third elder quickly looked at where Mia was pointing at.

Upon seeing Lucian and the rest of Gerald’s party in the viewing box opposite of theirs, Walter couldn’t help but sigh before muttering disappointedly, “I didn’t think he’d be this old…”

He, for one, had previously assumed that the owner of the Herculean Primordial Spirit would be in his forties, not fifties!

“Old?” muttered Third elder who hadn’t even paid Lucian any attention, clearly forgetting that Walter didn’t know which one of them was Gerald.

“Indeed… While it’s definitely still a feat to be able to possess the Herculean Primordial Spirit in one’s fifties, it’s going to be a bit awkward to have him be with Mia… He’s probably as old as I am!” said Walter as he shook his head.

“Patriarch, you’re looking at the wrong person… The one you’re looking for is the young man on his left!” explained Third elder.

“What..? That can’t be right. He barely looks thirty!” exclaimed Walter as he gave Gerald a good look.

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