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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2339

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2339
“What..? This book contains a cultivator technique.

You said you wanted to be a cultivator, didn’t you?” replied Gerald as he laughed out loud.

“Huh? This book contains a technique…?” muttered Aiden in slight disbelief as he looked at the tattered book in his hand. Aiden, for one, had assumed that books that taught such precious information would be kept in the finest conditions. In other words, the complete opposite of what he was holding! Had Aiden not been told what the book contained, he would’ve simply assumed that Gerald used it to pad table legs!

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“Do I have to repeat myself?” replied Gerald as he rolled his eyes.

“Well, no… but… really, I thought you were handing me some kind of ancient novel!” exclaimed Aiden with a sheepish chuckle before carefully sliding the book into his pocket, not wanting to accidentally damage the already tattered book

“Either way, do read it when you can. Feel free to ask me if there’s anything you don’t get,” replied Gerald as he watched Aiden put the book away.

Though he said that, Gerald honestly didn’t want Aiden becoming a cultivator. After all, Aiden already had it pretty good as an ace special forces agent in Weston. Once the boy set foot into the cultivation realm, then danger would truly lie everywhere for him. The cultivation realm was nothing like the secular world.

Even so, Gerald wasn’t completely against the idea. After all, Aiden seemed serious about learning. With that in mind, Gerald told himself that he would support Aiden the best he could.

Regardless, after hearing that interaction, Yaacob draped his arm around Aiden’s shoulders before saying, “You can ask me for help too, you know? Don’t worry, I won’t hold any information back!”

“I barely even know you, though…” muttered Aiden before shrugging.

“Well, you’ll surely get to know more about me in time. Not at the moment, though…” replied Yaacob as he cleared his throat, his eyes monetarily glancing in the direction of the hidden viewing box where Mia was in.

Not wanting to dwell on Yaacob’s identity at the moment, Gerald simply said, “Either way, let’s just focus on the auction…”

Just as Yaacob had earlier said, all the auction items at the start weren’t anything too special. Sure, the auctioned herbs were still considerably rare, but there were quite a handful of them on this island. Regardless, most of the people who bid for these items were from smaller families like the Grubbs.

Naturally, Lucian didn’t bid for anything else. After all, he was already satisfied with the bargains he had gotten from the street stalls the other day. What more, he had spent almost all his money, and he wanted to make sure that he had enough to be able to help Gerald out if the boy wanted any of the auction items.

Either way, as the auction progressed, the quality of the auction items gradually increased. With that in mind, the prices that initially began in the hundred thousand shot up to a whopping few million dollars. This was when the more powerful families and forces began making their move. Despite that, Gerald simply continued watching, his arms still crossed.

Soon enough, a bronze, beast-shaped cauldron was placed on the auction table. According to the auctioneer, the cauldron was only made in the past hundred years, so it was relatively new. Even so, its auction price quickly skyrocketed to fifty million


Raising a slight brow as he looked at the cauldron, Aiden was prompted to ask, “Why is that thing getting so expensive, Uncle Grubb…?”

As the ace special forces agent of Weston, Aiden had participated in several missions that involved retrieving national treasures. The antiques he usually dealt with were thousands of years old, yet at most, they would only sell for a hundred million dollars. With that in mind, Aiden was curious how such a new cauldron was selling for such a high price. To Aiden who had previously studied how to price relic items, the cauldron was probably worth a million dollars at most!

Upon hearing Aiden’s question, Lucian simply replied, “Do you know who made the cauldron?”

“Not a clue,” replied Aiden as he shook his head…

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