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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2341

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2341

Watching as Walter smiled, Third elder couldn’t help but ask, “Does he satisfy you, patriarch?”
“Quite, though I can’t say for sure yet since I still don’t know what his personality is like. We don’t know much about his family or guardians either. Regardless, if there aren’t any problems in those areas, then I’m not against him becoming my son-in-law,” replied Walter with a nod.
Walter, for one, knew that if Gerald was capable of possessing the Herculean Primordial Spirit at his current age, he would definitely be a big shot in the cultivation realm in another ten to twenty years. With that in mind, he wasn’t about to miss his chance to obtain such an outstanding son-in-law.
“Who are you calling son-in-law, father? That sounds so awkward!” exclaimed Mia—who had been quietly following them this entire time— before grabbing onto her father’s arm.
“Well… isn’t he the best possible choice for you? If he can pass my test, then your reputation will surely be preserved, ” replied Walter in a doting tone as he patted his shy daughter’s head.
“But…! You can’t just decide something like this…! ” mumbled Mia who was now as red as a tomato.
“…This girl… Regardless, Third elder. Arrange a meeting for me with that kid. Make sure not to tell him who we truly are or we may scare him away! ” ordered Walter.
“Very well,” replied Third elder with a nod.
Watching as Gerald disappeared into the crowd, Walter then hastened his footsteps as he muttered, “Return early this afternoon… I want to get a better look at that kid…!”
Fast forward to later that noon, everyone—after having a simple lunch—returned to their room to rest. Though Yaacob followed them back, he simply sat silently on the sofa.
Gerald, on the other hand, sat opposite of him, frowning as he thought about the odd person he had seen this morning. By this point, Gerald was
pretty sure that he had never met the man before. So why did he feel that that person’s back felt so familiar…?
Seeing how serious Gerald looked, Lucian was prompted to ask, “Thinking about something?”

Upon hearing that, Yaacob instantly turned vigilant. After all, his mission was to get to know Gerald as much as possible.
“Nothing much. I was just wondering what kind of items and outrageous prices would pop up in the next two and a half days. After all, the items this morning already got to such immense prices,” replied Gerald as he put his earlier thoughts aside.
“They won’t be things we can afford, that’s for sure ” muttered Lucian with a sigh. Lucian had saved two million dollars for Gerald, but if the boy found something he liked in the coming days, he seriously doubted that two million would be enough for the item.
Before Gerald could reply, Yaacob suddenly said,“ Hold on, who told you that the auction would only last for three days?”
“…Huh? Throughout the many years I’ve attended, the auction has always lasted for only three days… ” muttered the puzzled Lucian.
“That’s only for the regular people. The auction actually lasts for five days. The real good stuff starts appearing on day four. By that point, only the richest of the rich are allowed to remain, so it explains why you’ve always assumed that the

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auction ends on the third day,” explained Yaacob as he shook his head.
“…W-what…? How… do you even know about all this…?” asked Lucian who knew that Yaacob had no reason to lie to them. Still, how had he come across the information?
“…That… I uh… Just found out about it by chance! ” replied Yaacob after freezing for a moment, an awkward smile on his face…

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