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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2342

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2342

“Since you know all this, are you the young master of a large family or something?” asked Aiden as he sat beside Yaacob. Though he didn’t know who Yaacob really was, Aiden could tell that the youth wasn’t up to anything bad.

“If I had such a position, I wouldn’t be here! ” replied Yaacob with a slightly bitter chuckle. The truth was, his status wasn’t exactly high within the Zeman family. He was merely a disciple who was well cared for by the upper echelons…

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“ I find that hard to believe. After all, not even did you have that VIP ticket, but you also know something that uncle Grubb doesn’t! Tell us who you really are or I’ll toss you out!” warned Arden as he grabbed onto Yaacob’s shoulder.

“L—look, I’m  just a regular cultivator!  You just don’t know about this since you’re from the secular world! ” explained Yaacob.

“…Humph. Logical enough,” replied Aiden as he released his grip from Yaacob.

“Alright, that’s enough, you two. Go get some rest

while you can. The auction resumes in an hour,” said Gerald as he waved his hand, prompting everyone—except Yaacob—to return to their rooms

Once the trio had closed their doors behind them, Yaacob quickly laid on the sofa before reporting the situation to Third elder. Upon getting the updates, Third elder—in turn—quickly relayed the information to Walter.

Walter himself had been having lunch when Third elder told him all that had happened. Once the message was relayed, Walter couldn’t help but laugh before saying, “That kid must really want to obtain something from our auction! Hmm… Alright, I want you to task Yaacob with finding out what Gerald likes. We’re doing him a favor and getting it for him!”

“But… won’t that make him suspicious…?” asked Third elder.

“It’s not exactly a scheme against the boy or anything, so it doesn’t matter if he finds out,” replied Walter as he shook his head.

Walter wanted to contact Gerald more than ever now. The sooner the boy cured his daughter’s cold poison, the better. After all, though they kept saying that the cold poison would take effect in less

than a year, it was actually just an estimation. If the cold poison suddenly went haywire, it could

damage his daughter’s organs without warning! By that point, even if Gerald used his Herculean Primordial Spirit to save her life, her future would  be as good as ruined…

Whatever the case was, Third elder simply nodded in response before saying, “Alright, I’ll relay the message to Yaacob immediately.”

As Third elder was sending Yaacob his new orders, Walter—who had lost his appetite after thinking about his daughter’s condition—was prompted to ask, “Speaking of which, where are the things I brought along, Third elder?”

“They’re in the warehouse,” replied Third elder after thinking for a bit.

“Retrieve them for me now. I must meet Gerald either tonight or tomorrow. Also, don’t let Mia know about this. I wish to personally meet him to see what kind of person he truly is,” said Walter.

“Understood,” replied Third elder with a nod.

“Alright, return to whatever you were doing. We mustn’t end up delaying this afternoon’s auction, ” muttered Walter as he looked at the time before resuming his meal.

“Very well, ” replied Third elder as he left the room before quickly making his way to the warehouse. However, he hadn’t made it very far before he bumped into Mia. Mia herself was wearing a clean, white dress, her hands against her back and her pretty skin glistening under the sun’s radiant rays…       

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