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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2346

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2346

Seeing the familiar mountain, Gerald smiled calmly before asking, “…Speaking of which, do you think I’ll be able to learn the secrets of that mountain once I meet that senior of yours?”

“I… can’t say for sure… It’s best if you just ask him in person…” muttered Yaacob with an awkward smile, clearly worried that he would accidentally say something that would land him in trouble.

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Hearing that, Gerald simply waved his hand with a sigh before saying, “Fine, fine, I’ll stop asking…”

It was about another half an hour later when the duo finally came across a row of houses. Though the houses themselves didn’t appear out of  the ordinary, Gerald couldn’t help but take a deep breath when he saw several young men in grey guarding the entrance  to each home. The organizers most likely lived here… And they had probably summoned him over for trespassing back then… While he was unsure whether the organizers meant him any harm, he knew that there wasn’t much point in him thinking about it. After all, not  only had they already identified him, but he was now at an isolated part of the island. In other words, escape was pretty much impossible. With that in mind, he may as well just go along and see how things went before thinking of his next step.

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when Yaacob pointed at the houses before saying, “This is where we live, brother Gerald.”

“…I see. Tell me, what’s your rank in the family again…?” asked Gerald.

“I’m… just an ordinary disciple…” muttered Yaacob as he scratched the back of his head in slight embarrassment.

Nodding in response, Gerald then said,“ I see. Well…lead the way.”

Following that, Yaacob revealed his identity to the men in grey, granting the duo access into one of the houses. Under Yaacob’s lead, Gerald was soon brought to a basic-looking  room that only had a few chairs inside.

Once Gerald sat down, Yaacob bowed to him before saying, “Please wait for a moment, brother Gerald. I’ll inform my senior of your arrival.” Nodding in response, Gerald then closed his eyes as Yaacob left the room.

It was about ten minutes later when Gerald heard the door opening again. Looking up, Gerald was greeted by the sight of a middle-aged man— donning fancy clothes—entering the room. Gerald also saw that there were at least a dozen other men following that middle-aged man, though only Yaacob and an old man in grey were allowed into the room.

While Gerald had no idea who the middle-aged man was—nor did he know what  the person’s cultivation level was—, he stood up with a salute before saying, “Senior.”

Naturally, that middle-aged man was Walter. Upon seeing Gerald’s actions, he sized the boy up before smiling—as he walked up to him—and replying,“ I’ve been watching you for quite a while now, kid!”

Raising a slight brow, Gerald simply said in a soft tone, “…I see. Before anything else, allow me to explain that I really had no idea that the mountain was a forbidden area when I first attempted to get near it. It’s why I never resumed looking into the mountain once I found out I shouldn’t have gone there…” “…What? What mountain? Forbidden area…?” asked Walter as he turned to look at Third elder, clearly confused.

“He’s talking about Mount Nimbus…” muttered Third elder.

“Oh, that? Don’t worry about it. There’s no big secret about that place anyway. If you really wish to go, I can just send someone to escort you there to have a look around. How about that?” asked Walter as he waved his hand at Gerald.

“…There’s… no need for that…” replied Gerald with a slightly awkward smile, evidently not expecting this powerful man to say such things to him. “ I see… Either way, have you had dinner?” asked Walter as he gestured at the seat behind Gerald…

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