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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2351

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2351

Nearly choking on his tea upon hearing that, Gerald quickly shook his head before saying, “…Y-you’re pulling my leg, right, Uncle Zeman…?”

“Do you honestly think I’d joke about my daughter’s life? Just so you know, my daughter has less than a year left before the cold poison enters high gear. With that said, the sooner you help her, the better…” muttered Walter before heaving a heavy sigh.

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Hearing that, Third elder added, “You know, after observing you for some time, the patriarch and I have concluded that you’re a good man. With that said, once you cure her, we’re willing to make you the son-in-law of the Zeman family. If you agree, then we’ll definitely teach you all the best techniques the cultivation realm has to offer. What more, we’ll also provide you with an excellent environment to help your cultivation grow even faster!”

This time, the shocked Gerald wasn’t able to stop himself in time, resulting in him spurting his tea all over the table and even getting some on Walter!

Quickly wiping his mouth dry, Gerald then stood up before exclaiming, “I- I apologize, Uncle Zeman…!”

“Don’t worry about it,” replied Walter with a wave of his hand.

Nodding in response, Gerald went silent for a while before eventually explaining, “…The thing is… I already have a girlfriend… With that said, copulating with your daughter would mean that I’m being unfaithful… What more, I’m currently on a personal quest to save her!”

“…Whatever the case is, you must save my daughter… Remember, saving a life is a meritorious act, so I believe that your girlfriend will understand and forgive you in the end. Actually, if nobody says a word about it, the secret will remain here forever,” replied Walter, fearing that Gerald would refuse to help in the end.

“…Could… you give me some time to think about it.. ?” muttered Gerald as he scratched the back of his head. This wasn’t something he could just agree with all willy-nilly…

“Actually, I have a better idea. Third elder, go call Mia over. Being such outstanding youngsters, I’m sure both of them will warm up to each other soon enough!” ordered Walter who didn’t really see Mila as an issue. After all, it wasn’t as though Gerald was married to her. Even if Gerald was, Walter could

easily take the boy from her if he really wanted to.

“Please, don’t…” replied Gerald as he raised his palm in refusal.

After giving Gerald a good, long, look, Walter got to his feet before bowing as he said, “…Alright, then. Go get some rest first. While I’m giving you time to think about it, in the end, you must help my daughter recover. As long as she gets better, I’ll grant you any request you want, even if you want m y position as this family’s patriarch…”

“Please don’t say such things, Uncle Zeman… I have no interest in being your family’s patriarch.

Regardless, I appreciate you giving me time to think things through… Also, if  there’s any other way to cure the cold poison, do let me know! I’ll be more  than willing to help!”     declared Gerald as he placed his fist and palm together before Walter.

Simply nodding in response, Walter then said,“ Bring Gerald back, Yaacob…”

Upon hearing that, Gerald saluted Third elder as well before finally leaving the room under Yaacob’s guidance…

Once they had left, Third elder walked toward Walter before whispering, “…Do you think Gerald will help us in the end, patriarch…?”

”I have the same question… ” muttered Walter with a sigh before shaking his head.

”What will we do if he refuses…?” asked Third elder in a slightly anxious voice…

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