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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2352

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2352

Third elder had watched over Mia ever since she was a child. With that said, though she wasn’t his flesh and blood, he treated her like his daughter. It wasn’t even a stretch to claim that Third elder was just as worried about the girl as Walter was.

“ If he refuses, then we’ll just have to force him to help her. We can’t let the poison remain in her body for any longer! I won’t allow Mia to die!” declared Walter in an unwavering tone as he slammed his fist onto the table.

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“Understood,” replied Third elder who honestly

had the same idea. Even if they had to drug Gerald in the end, saving Mia was the priority…!

Moving back to Gerald, his brows had been furrowed ever since he left the dining room. While he now knew how the island kept disappearing, Walter’s words were simply too shocking for him to concentrate on that. The only way to save his daughter was to have intercourse with her…? He thought such things only happened in movies!

Unfortunately, it seemed all too real now…

After walking for some time, Yaacob stopped in his tracks before saying, “I won’t be returning with

you tonight, brother Gerald…”

Nodding as he lit a cigarette, Gerald paused for a moment before asking in a helpless tone,“

Doesn’t your family have endless power and resources…?  Is there  truly no other way to save her?

“The truth is, the patriarch and our family’s elders have been searching far and wide for a cure throughout the span of ten years. The method we proposed is the only one we managed to find… It doesn’t help that people possessing the Herculean Primordial Spirit are incredibly difficult to find. Just so you know, you’re the only person—who fits all the requirements—whom we’ve managed to find ”    explained Yaacob. Now that Walter and Third elder had notified Gerald about all this, there was no reason for him to hide this information anymore.

“…I see,”  replied Gerald in a calm tone.

Hearing that, Yaacob grabbed Gerald by the arm before sincerely pleading, “Please help her, brother Gerald…!”

“…Again, please give me some time to think things through,” muttered Gerald before walking forward, leaving Yaacob behind…

By the time he got to the living room, the sky was already pitch black. Seeing that the lights in Lucian and Aiden’s room were already off, Gerald sat in the darkness for a while—finishing his cigarette— before finally returning to his room…

The very next morning, Gerald was awoken by the sounds of people talking outside. After washing his face, he got dressed before opening his door… only to be greeted by the sight of two men in grey standing in his living room. They appeared to be talking to Lucian who looked rather confused…

Upon seeing Gerald, the Zemans immediately walked over to the boy before saying, “Good morning, Mr. Gerald! The patriarch told us to bring you some breakfast! He’s worried that you haven’t gotten used to our island’s food yet!”

Frowning slightly, Gerald then replied, “There’s no need for that-”

“Please, Mr. Gerald, we insist you take the food. If you don’t, we won’t be able to report back to the patriarch!” interrupted one of the Zemans.

Before Gerald could even reply, both of them— having left the food behind—had already marched out the door…

After checking the food —and realizing that they were just ordinary breakfast foods—, Gerald sighed before placing them on the table. Seeing that, the curious Lucian was prompted to ask, “Who were they, Gerald…? And who’s that patriarch they were talking about? Did you get to know another family during the auction…?”

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