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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2354

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2354

Though he said that, Lindsay was still abducted because of him. With that said, if Maddox lost it and ended up killing her, then he would indirectly be the cause of her murder… Should that scenario come to be, then not only would Gerald feel guilty for the rest of his life, but he would also be unable to face Aiden ever again…

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Regardless, upon hearing Lindsay’s name, Lucian was prompted to take his phone out before saying, “ Speaking of Lindsay, I’ll give my butler a quick call to see if he’s obtained the firearms.”

Hearing that, Aiden quickly inched closer to Lucian as the call was made. Shortly after, a smile formed on Lucian’s face as he cheerily said, “Looks like my butler was able to get some from a few dealers!

Even so, I don’t think they’re enough to secure your safety since your opponent this time is the military department…”

“Worry not, uncle Grubb! I’ll definitely save Miss Lindsay, even if I have to sacrifice myself!” declared Aiden as he gritted his teeth.

Unlike Aiden, Gerald remained calm as he asked,“ Speaking of the military, have there been any other news about them?”

“Come to think of it, remember that friend of mine whom I said was working with the Yanam military? Well, I received an update from him last night. He told me that Maddox had continued leading a troop of soldiers—with a large batch of armory supplies— out every night since the day we left for the island. However, since Maddox is the deputy chief, my friend hadn’t dared to order his most trusted men to pry any deeper…” explained Lucian rather

quickly, almost as though he was worried that he would forget any key details.

“Looks like he really is doing something there… ” growled Aiden as he clenched his fists.

“…There?” asked Lucian.

“A forested area quite far behind the military’s office. The night Aiden and I made our move, we tailed Maddox and his soldiers all the way to an obscure building in that forest. While we had a feeling that Miss Lindsay was being held captive there, we also figured that Maddox had already set plenty of traps around the area, which was why we returned to the manor instead of proceeding to save her back then,” explained Gerald.

“…Oh? Actually, I think both of you told me about this before…” muttered Lucian as he tapped his cheek.

“Either way, to think that Maddox is still setting the place up after so many days. He must really want me dead,”      replied Gerald with a smirk.

“But of course, he does! Once you’re out of the picture, he’ll be sure to replace Carter in becoming the next chief! What more, if he fails to take you out, I’m sure he knows that there’s a high chance that he’ll end up being the next Godwin!” said Lucian with a laugh.

Nodding as he finished his soy milk, Gerald then tossed the drink packet into a trash can before replying, “Indeed. Once the auction is over, our first course of action will be to save Miss Lindsay. I honestly can’t wait to see what Maddox has prepared for me…!”

It was sometime later when the trio arrived at the viewing box again, and the auctioning began shortly after. After yesterday’s auction, several families—who had managed to purchase items— had either left or had been assassinated. Naturally, the assassinating families had also left after getting what they wanted…

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