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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2355

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2355

Whatever the case was, it explained why the lower floor was much less crowded compared to yesterday. What more, all the groups maintained a distance from each other, clearly worried that they would end up being targeted next.

While tension was high down below, things were still relatively calm on the upper floor. After all, those who could afford to be in the viewing boxes were either from famous families or cultivating sects. With that in mind, it was obvious that they didn’t even need to compete for such things.

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Regardless, after the auction went on for about half an hour, Aiden couldn’t help but look at the door for a moment before asking, “…Is Yaacob not joining us…?”

“He probably has things to take care of,” replied Gerald, knowing full well that Yaacob no longer had to keep an eye on him after his encounter with Walter.

“Speaking of that boy… His family is certainly powerful enough to be able to grant us access to the upper floor… However, this only makes things stranger since I’ve never even heard of a cultivating family by the name of Zeman!” muttered Lucian. While he definitely knew a Zeman family, it certainly didn’t share Yaacob’s high status…

Not wanting to talk about that family, Gerald simply replied, “…Either way, aren’t you going to bid for anything, uncle Grubb?”

“Negative. It was already difficult enough for me to get those two bargains back then. Aside from that, not only are the auction items now immensely expensive, but I’d rather not paint myself as an assassination target by buying something!” said Lucian as he shook his head…

Meanwhile, Walter and a few others were busy keeping an eye on Gerald from the hidden viewing box from before. Walter himself looked rather relaxed. After all, not only did Gerald now know about his daughter’s condition, but the boy was still in his territory. As long as Gerald remained, his daughter would  surely have a chance  to recover…

As for Mia, she could be seen sitting next to Walter, clearly unaware of what had taken place the night before. Though she occasionally snuck glances at Gerald, anytime Gerald’s gaze met with hers— despite not being able to see her from  the outside—, Mia immediately lowered her face, absolutely refusing to make eye contact with Gerald…

Either way, after staring at Gerald for a while, Walter recalled the old woman that Gerald had mentioned. With that in mind, he began scanning through the individuals on the lower floor. When he couldn’t find anyone with a matching description, Walter was prompted to ask, “…Speaking of which, who exactly is that old woman that Gerald spoke of, Third elder?”

Upon hearing that, Third elder turned to look at Mia —who was sitting in front of him—before saying,“ That… was young mistress in disguise… She was the first to discover that he possessed the Herculean Primordial Spirit. With that said, she was the one that had come to his rescue —when I attempted to chase him down—the night Gerald accidentally trespassed into Mount Nimbus…”

Confused to hear that, Walter then frowned as he asked, “…Why on earth would you even do such a thing, Mia?”

Quickly averting her gaze, Mia simply replied, “I… I just felt like it!”

Sensing dissatisfaction in her tone, Walter couldn’t help but sigh before saying in a soft tone, “For heaven’s sake, I’ve already promised to give you six months to get to know Gerald, haven’t I…?”

“…And what if I still don’t like him then?” replied Mia as she looked straight into her father’s eyes.

“Naturally, you’ll still have to undergo the process with him to expel the cold poison! While I’ll definitely allow you to use a different method if we find one, the likelihood of that is extremely low.

Remember, we haven’t found any other methods in the past ten years! What makes you think that’ll change in the coming six months?” said Walter in a soft, but firm tone.

“So in the end, my choice doesn’t even matter, does it?” retorted Mia with a harrumph. While she was honestly slightly interested in Gerald, the fact that she had to copulate with him no matter what made her reject those feelings. The more her father wanted her to do it with him, the more she didn’t want to!

Worried that the duo would get into a quarrel, Third elder quickly interjected, “Let’s… just give the young mistress a bit more time, master…” Upon hearing that, Walter took in a deep breath before muttering, “…What a truly spoiled girl…”

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