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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2356

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2356

Whatever the case was, the auction’s morning session soon ended and Gerald found himself walking out of the auction house with Aiden and Lucian…

Unbeknownst to the trio, however, a man wearing a suit was standing motionless in the middle of the leaving crowd, his eyes glued onto Gerald. Though several people scowled at him for blocking their way, the man paid them no heed. After a while, another man walked up to him, prompting the man to ask “…Is that Gerald?”

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“ I believe so. Still, I’m baffled that he’s eligible to partake in the auction in the first place. Regardless, I have no clue who those two men by his side are…” replied the other man as he stared at Gerald’s back.

“Forget those two, our target is Gerald. To think that I’d be able to bump into him here, of all places… Even god is on my side!” said the man with an evil grin…

The man in question was none other than the grudgeful Will Crawford! As for the other man, he was Will’s confidant who went by Finch Crawford. Within the Crawford family, Finch was second only to Amare in terms of cultivation. Regardless, while Daryl was supposed to have attended the auction with Will, the old man fell sick, so Will brought his confidant along instead.

In truth, Will had initially been quite hesitant to attend the auction. However, now that he knew that Gerald was here, he couldn’t be happier. The fact that Daryl was so far away from him, only made things better. After all, no matter what he did here, that old man would never be able to find out now!

Even so, Will still knew he had to do things flawlessly. That way, if Daryl got suspicious and decided to make investigations of his own, he would remain clueless for life!

Regardless, upon seeing that Gerald had almost disappeared into the crowd, Finch hurriedly asked,“ When shall we do the deed, brother Will?”

“There’s no hurry. Let me do some investigating first,” replied Will who already felt that Gerald’s fate was sealed the second Will saw him on the island. It was only a matter of time before Gerald would finally die…!

Upon hearing that, Finch simply said, “ Understood.”

“Good. Now return and get some rest. I want you to start keeping an eye on Gerald once noon comes. We need to find out where he’s staying. Remember, the auction ends the day after tomorrow, so we’ll need to get rid of him within the next two days,” ordered Will as he rubbed his hands together, a sinister smirk on his face…

Still, even if Gerald had seen Will, he wouldn’t have recognized him. After all, he had never met the youth before! Whatever the case was, since Gerald found the morning session rather boring, Gerald decided to spend the rest of his afternoon in his room…

Throughout the afternoon, Gerald laid on his bed, thinking about Walter’s words. If Gerald agreed to save that man’s daughter, that would also mean that he had to be unfaithful to Mila.

While he certainly didn’t like the idea of doing so, Gerald remembered how serious Walter had been last night. Since he was currently deep in the

Zeman family’s territory, if he continued refusing to save Walter’s daughter, Gerald could very easily lose his life. With that in mind, regardless of what he chose to do, he would still receive the short end of the stick…

Not wanting to overthink things, Gerald decided not to make a choice for the time being and simply see how things went first. He also needed to delay Walter as long as possible. Gerald, for one, believed that there had to be other ways to cure the cold poison… While this was happening, Will and Finch themselves were looking rather flustered…

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