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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2358

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2358

Honestly, if Finch had chosen to return earlier, Will would’ve tried to kill him one way or another. After all, what good was a man who couldn’t even follow simple commands? What’s more, Finch already knew too much. If he didn’t get rid of him quickly,  it could cause him problems later down the line.

Either way, after Finch left, Will heaved a deep sigh. He really needed to kill Gerald this time… No longer would that b*stard continue threatening his position…!

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Fast forward to evening, a few Zeman clansmen went looking for Gerald again. Upon seeing him sitting alone in the living room, they were prompted to say, “Ah, there you are, Mr. Gerald. Our patriarch has invited you over for dinner.”

After nodding in response, Gerald got to his feet before following them out. Just as he was leaving his room, however, he bumped into Lucian and Aiden. After telling them he was heading out for a bit, Gerald then followed the Zemans downstairs.

Watching as Gerald walked off, Lucian was prompted to mutter, “I wonder if he knows any other people here…”

“I wonder as well. It’s been quite a while since I’ve last met him, so I’m  not too sure of what connections he now has…” replied Aiden with a shrug.

“Whatever the case is, let’s just have a simple dinner. I’m sure chaos will ensue the second it gets dark enough outside…” muttered Lucian as he closed the door and windows, remembering that it was around this time when the two families had gotten into their fight the day before.

Regardless, just as Gerald was leaving the building—with the Zeman disciples—, he was seen by Finch who just so happened to be passing by on his way to dinner.

Finch himself had been searching all afternoon for Gerald to no avail. With that in mind, he was understandably tired, and he was planning to head straight to bed after his meal. Naturally, he immediately did a double-take when he saw Gerald.

Once he confirmed that it really was the boy, Finch quickly gave Will a call before reporting, “B- brother Will! I saw Gerald leaving a wooden building! He’s currently heading north with two other men!”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry and catch up to him! If you lose him this time, don’ t you even dare think about returning to Yearning Island! ” growled Will, prompting Finch to helplessly hang up before starting to tail the trio…

Naturally, Gerald had no idea that he was being followed. After all, he was busy wondering what Walter would say to him tonight, and what he should do if Walter continued pursuing the matter regarding his daughter…

To Gerald’s surprise, however, the second Walter— who was sitting alone in the room—saw him, the middle -aged man instantly greeted, “Gerald! My good friend! Come, sit!”

Though Gerald knew that Walter was only being this friendly because he needed Gerald’s help, he couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed. After all, the middle-aged man sounded so genuine.

Regardless, Gerald quickly replied, “…Um… I really shouldn’t be eating here all the time…”

“Why shouldn’t you? You’ re our family’s savior! Honestly, feel free to stay here if you so wish!” declared Walter with a hearty laugh.

“…That… isn’t necessary…” muttered Gerald in a slightly helpless tone. The way Walter said it, it was almost as though Gerald had already agreed to help Mia expel her cold poison… Then again, there was

nothing he could do about it. After all, Walter’s cultivation was much higher than his. With that in mind, If Gerald straight out refused, then there was a chance that he wouldn’t even be able to leave this place…

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when Walter patted his thigh before adding, “Speaking of which, if there are any auction items you want, just tell me! I’ll give it to you as a gift!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald instantly exclaimed,“ There really is no need for that…!”

If he accepted it, then he would have no way to back out of this…!

Despite Gerald’s refusal, Walter simply ignored the boy as he turned to look at the door before shouting, “Yaacob! Go get the auction item list for Gerald to have a look!”

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