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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2360

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2360

Upon hearing that, one of Walter’s disciples immediately took a step forward.

Now terrified out of his mind, Finch—who could sense how serious these people were about murdering him—immediately yelled, “W-wait…! ”

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After gesturing for his disciple to stop, Walter then stared Finch straight in the eye before asking in a calm, but stern tone, “Again, I ask. Who are you, and who has your back? Why didn’t you just return to rest after today’s auction ended? Just so you know,  my family’s  the organizer  of  this auction! ”

Gulping in response, Finch glanced at Gerald before sighing. He had no choice but to state the truth… Shaking his head, Finch then explained, “I… I’m from the Crawford family… I came here to spy on Gerald…”

“…Oh? You’re a Crawford? Do you know him, Gerald?” asked Walter as he turned to look at the boy.

Gerald himself already had his fists clenched as he narrowed his eyes at Finch while growling, “The cultivating Crawford family, I presume?”

After seeing Finch nod, the confused Walter couldn’t help but ask, “…Hmm? What’s going on here? Is he not your family member?”

Momentarily remaining silent, Gerald eventually turned to face Walter before placing his palm against his fist as he requested, “…Before that, could you spare his life for now? Maybe keep him here in the meantime…?”

“That’s certainly arrangeable,” replied Walter, prompting both Gerald and Finch to heave sighs of relief…

After exiting the room, Walter—who could sense Gerald’s unease—signaled his disciples to leave them be for now. Following that, Walter took a slow stroll on the shore —behind his home —together with Gerald…

It was a brief silence later when Walter turned to look at Gerald—who was very obviously upset— before asking, “My friend, do you have any grudges against the cultivating Crawford family…?”

“…Well, there’s no point hiding all this anymore… You see, the cultivating Crawford family was established by my grandfather…” muttered Gerald, not wanting to keep it a secret anymore.

Gerald, for one, knew that Walter wouldn’t suddenly decide to kill him since he still possessed the Herculean Primordial Spirit. What more, Walter could very well end up helping him! However, should that happen, then he would truly have no choice but to copulate with Walter’s daughter…

Though he knew that, Finch’s sudden appearance had made Gerald’s mind more muddled than he’d like to admit…

“…I see. Then… Isn’t that man part of your family?” asked the confused Walter.

“Far from it,” replied Gerald with a long sigh before starting to explain all about Daryl. In the process, Gerald also admitted that he had only approached Mount Nimbus in the first place to learn about its secrets due to how similar it was—in terms of being able to disappear and reappear—to Yearning Island.

Throughout Gerald’s explanation, Walter kept nodding as his frown slowly deepened. To think that this young man had been carrying such heavy responsibility in the past few years…

By the time Gerald was done, Walter slipped his hands into his pockets before saying, “…Now I know the whole story… Yearning Island, was it? I truly believe that that island Coating atop the Northbay Sea functions the same as this one, as in, there’s a giant forcefield around it, thus allowing it to be invisible from the outside… With that said, I have reason to believe that your grandfather’s cultivation level is on par with mine. Still, I’ve never heard of the cultivating Crawfords before, so I can’t help you information-wise…”

“But… if you haven’t even heard of the cultivating Crawfords before, how did they get invited to the auction…?” asked Gerald.

“Well, just because I haven’t heard about them doesn’t mean that the same applies to the rest of my family. In case you weren’t aware, those on the island are just a small part of my family. With that said, I normally don’t care about the auction too much. I’m only here due to the fact that I was told that the bearer of the Herculean Primordial Spirit was here,” explained Walter with a smile as he looked at the vast ocean…

“I see…” replied Gerald as he nodded.

After lighting a cigarette and handing one to Gerald, Walter took a moment before saying.

Since Yearning Island is most probably surrounded by a forcefield like Greendrake Island, it won’t be
easy for you to get there… How’s this? I’ll inform my family’s elders to tell you all they know about the cultivating Crawfords.”

“I appreciate it. Still, there’s one other thing that I can’t quite understand,”  muttered Gerald as he held onto his cigarette.

“That being?” asked Walter with a slightly raised brow.

“Well… since Yearning Island was already able to vanish at will thousands of years ago, does that mean that those from the Seadom tribe were cultivators…? Or perhaps they used some other method to make the island vanish…” muttered Gerald, a frown on his face.

“Unfortunately, I’m not too sure about that, ” replied Walter as he shook his head.

“Whatever the case is, my parents and sister are still being held hostage there… I won’t stop till I’ve saved them…!” growled Gerald as he clenched his fists tightly.

“…Once you find the island, tell me and I’ll lead some of my family’s seniors over to help you save your family. How’s that sound?” asked Walter as he placed a hand on Gerald’s shoulder.

“While I appreciate the kind offer, I wish to save my loved ones with my own strength. Besides, I don’t think it’s good to keep relying on others,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

Admiring Gerald’s determination, Walter nodded as he asked, “I see. Speaking of which, what do you plan to do with the man we caught?”

“If possible, keep him here for now… I think he’s just a regular member of the cultivating Crawfords. With that said, another Crawford must have brought him here,” replied Gerald after taking in a deep breath.

“…Oh? So you’re saying that the spy is working for another person who wishes to harm you?” deduced Walter.

After watching Gerald nod in agreement, Walter then turned around as he said, “I see. Then I’ll make sure to force every last bit of information out of him, then. Also, as an elder, I have some advice for you… Though it’s good to be kind, being too kind all the time could eventually spell trouble…”

Bowing toward Walter, Gerald simply replied, “I appreciate the advice, Uncle Zeman. I know what to do.”

“Good to hear. Well, feel free to return to your room now. As promised, I’ll let Finch live for now. The second I find someone attempting to look for that man, however, I’ll be sure to immediately inform you,” said Walter as he tossed his cigarette butt into a stone pestle.

”Thank you, Uncle Zeman,”   replied Gerald with a bow before turning to leave…

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