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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2361

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2361

It was sometime later when Will could be seen pacing up and down his living room, his hands against his back. Where the hell had Finch gone? He was sure that he had simply ordered Finch to spy on Gerald. After all, it wasn’t as though Finch was even capable of taking Gerald out! With that in mind, what was taking him so long…?

Though Will was getting restless, he knew for a fact that this wasn’t his territory, so he couldn’t just head out to look for Finch and risk looking overly suspicious. Eventually, however, he caved in and decided to simply look around the area…

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To Will’s surprise, however, the second he opened the door, several people were already standing there, seemingly waiting for him. What more, judging from their auras, all of them were advanced cultivators…!

After a brief pause, Will asked in a frigid tone, “ Who are all of you?”

“Hah! We should be the ones asking questions, Mr. Will Crawford. Not the other way around, ” scoffed the leader of the men with a snort.

“…H -how do you know who I am? Did you capture Finch?!” exclaimed Will as he instantly turned around to escape. However, before he could even take a single step, a large net came falling down on him!

Immediately using his essential qi to free himself, Will was horrified to find out that the net was absorbing all his essential qi! It was almost as though the net was alive!

“The hell?!” exclaimed the stunned Will once he accepted that there was no escaping the situation.

“Cease your struggling, Will. This is the Ultimate Immobilizing Net, a special spiritual artifact of the Zeman family. Regardless of how high your cultivation level is, you won’t be able to move a muscle! Men! Bring him away and immediately inform Mr. Gerald about this!” ordered the leader, prompting his men to yell, “Yes, sir…!”

Shortly after, Gerald was notified about Will’s capture, and he honestly couldn’t believe how quickly Walter had managed to find the perpetrator

Whatever the case was, upon being led to where Walter was, the middle-aged man cheerily said, “Ah, there you are, Gerald! I’ll be leaving both of them to you, then.”

Upon seeing Gerald, Will immediately roared, “You b*stard…! Your family is still in our hands, you know?! With that said, if you dare to kill any of us, the patriarch will surely tear you to pieces!”

“Oh? Is that so?” scoffed Gerald with a smirk as he slammed his palm directly onto Will’s chest, immediately causing him to cough out a mouthful of blood!

Following that, Gerald furrowed his brows before adding, “Don’t you dare threaten me again. Now tell me, where is Yearning Island?”

“I… I don’t know! And don’t think you’ll ever be able to find it…!” roared Will.

“Simply doing that won’t work, Gerald. Step aside and allow me to activate the true power of the Ultimate Immobilizing Net… Once it’s activated, Will here will feel the pain of thousands of bugs simultaneously chewing on his organs! He’s bound to state the truth then!”  scoffed Walter with a devilish smile before beginning to chant a spell…

The second the net began glowing, Will’s piercing screams of agony immediately filled the room!

Now standing before Will, Walter then growled, “If you wish to die painlessly, tell us where Yearning Island is. Also, know that attempting to resist with

your essential qi will only intensify the pain!”

“P-please… I don’t know where the island is…! I speak the truth, so… so please kill me already…!” whimpered Will who already had blue veins bulging on his forehead. Blood was leaking from his eyes as well, and he honestly looked terrible…

Regardless, upon hearing Will’s response, Walter and Gerald couldn’t help but exchange glances…

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