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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2363

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2363

“Regardless, with all this information, I think I’m able to considerably narrow our search for Daryl’s lair! ” declared Walter joyously.

“…What do you mean, Uncle Zeman?” asked Gerald with a slightly raised brow.

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“Well, you see, the witches had a special method of learning witchcraft. It’s quite different from cultivation, mind you. After all, when we cultivate, we rely on the holy spirit to align the meridians in our bodies and condense our essential qi. Witches, on the other hand, mainly rely on external things to practice their witchcraft, such as insects, herbs, and even human blood! ”

“What more, from what I’ve read in a few ancient books, witches used to apparently slaughter young children to maintain the balance of their feminine and masculine energies! Naturally, this enraged the public, which led to them working together with the forces from the ancient cultivating realm to exterminate the witches. But enough about that.”

“The method the witches used is called the Breeding Refinement Technique. As the name suggests, it involves quite a lot of breeding and refinement. By the end of it, however, witches who underwent the process would find their witchcraft greatly enhanced! Witches who got to this point would truly be masters of planting exotic flowers and fruits, as well as expert breeders of all sorts of supernatural insects, ” explained Walter.

“…I see… If Yearning Island truly was established using ancient witchcraft, then I see two possible explanations for all this. Either Daryl managed to locate the witches’ ancient ruins, or that old man found the area where the witches once used for breeding. If the second option is what happened, then I’m assuming that he used the place as a foundation to build up Yearning Island with the aid of the Witchery Skypit Art!” exclaimed Gerald.

“Clever boy! With all that said, since he’s most probably moving all over the place through that method, there really isn’t any point in trying to locate him. However, this also tells us that if Yearning Island isn’t in the southeast area, then it’s most probably in the North Sea near the Northern Dessert! I also have reason to believe that the place should be surrounded by exotic plants that the witches left behind! After all, that’s the only way the Witchery Skypit Art can still exist! ” explained Walter.

“…If that’s the case, then does that mean that I’ll start finding clues of Yearning Island’s true location once I find exotic plants?” exclaimed Gerald in joy.

No wonder he couldn’t find Yearning Island all this time! As it turned out, the island’s true location had been in the complete opposite direction of where he had been searching! To think that he once thought that locating the Seadom tribe was enough to get him to the island…

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when Walter said, “Well… it isn’t that easy. According to the ancient books I’ve read, such plants are extremely rare. Even if you come across one, you may not recognize it, so the task is rather difficult once you give it some thought. Regardless, you can start by investigating the witches’ descendants.”

“…Come again? They have descendants?” replied Gerald, clearly surprised to hear that.

“Well… here’s the thing. In an alternate record I found, I read that while most of the witches were exterminated, quite a few from the first lineage were able to escape. If that’s the case, then those would’ve been the direct heirs of the witches. Still, it’s been ages since then and I haven’t actually heard about any witch descendants… Not even my ancestors were able to meet any. Even so, I do have a way of locating them if they still happen to exist.

Will you accept this quest to find them?” asked Walter.

“Go on…”

“You’ll need to find a plant that bears the Divine Fruit! Apparently found in the Northern Dessert, this naturally-growing plant is the only one mentioned in my records regarding witches. Regardless, the witches were said to favor Divine Fruits, using them to nurture their bloodlines as well as to enhance their powers…” said Walter…

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