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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2364

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2364

“So… Once we find a Divine Fruit tree, we should be able to locate any witch descendants if they still exist, correct? Following that, we should be able to easily locate Yearning Island! Did I get that right?” replied Gerald with a nod.

“That’s the best-case scenario, yes, but do keep in mind that the witches could have completely been exterminated back then… After all, I haven’t heard any new information about them outside my ancient books!” said Walter with a sigh.

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“Knowing that there’s a chance of success is already good enough for me,” replied Gerald with a smile.

Nodding in response, Walter couldn’t help but sigh again as he said, “…While I know you’ll be returning to Weston soon, I do wonder if you’ve thought about my daughter’s situation…  Though it’s true that I know another possible method, I wouldn’t be this persistent with you if that method was easily achievable! ”

“…Huh? Come again? There’s another method?” replied the surprised Gerald.

“Well… yes, but if I go along with that plan, the Zemans will have to pay a massive price… Regardless, since you now know about this, I may a s well give you the full story. You see, there’s a creature known as the Redflame Dragon, and I believe that its blood can help us expel Mia’s cold poison… Either way, many from the older generations—including my ancestors—have attempted to slay it for personal reasons.

Unsurprisingly, this resulted in many deaths from all the participating families.”

“To prevent further bloodshed, my grandfather’s generation made a rule that forbade any Zemans from looking into news regarding the Redflame Dragon… Anyone who defied the rule would automatically be disowned, which is why I shouldn’t have told you about all this in the first place…” muttered Walter with a helpless smile.

“…I see… it’s honestly my first time hearing about the Redflame Dragon,” replied Gerald, sounding rather interested.

“Well, the creature lives deep underground, and most major cultivating forces have attempted to hunt it down from ancient times. After all, the Redflame Dragon’s blood is said to be able to enhance one’s cultivation. Aside from that, it’s also said that there are saintly ruins in the underground cave that it dwells in. As the rumors go, divine cultivation methods are hidden in there…” explained Walter.

“…Oh? That sounds similar to the Guardian Beast in Weston!” exclaimed Gerald with a nod.

“In a way, I agree. Regardless, it’s extremely difficult to even get to the Redflame Dragon… Many lives have been lost from the journey there alone! ” replied Walter as he shook his head.

“…What if we try getting to the dragon together, Uncle Zeman? Though my girlfriend is still missing, I’ve sworn to myself that I’d never get married to anyone else! Besides, you’ve already helped me a lot so I can’t bring myself to just allow Mia to die from the cold poison… Either way, let’s try taking the dragon out first! If that really doesn’t work, then we’ll just need to find another way later on!” proposed Gerald.                           1

Gerald, for one, knew that his Herculean Primordial Spirit would protect him if any critical moments showed up, even if he hadn’t fully mastered it yet. Whatever the case was, he wasn’t going to let Mia die without a fight!

Upon hearing Gerald’s statement, Walter couldn’t help but look at Gerald in awe as he asked, “Are… you truly willing to give it a shot? If so, the truth is, I’ve been preparing to deal with the dragon for many years now. I’ve only been holding back since my subordinates keep dissuading me… With you by my side, however, I’m now more confident than ever to go through with the plan…!”

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