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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2365

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2365

“I’m glad to hear that! Still, do you know where the dragon currently is…?” asked Gerald.

“But of course! As I’ve said, several of my ancestors had attempted to take down the Redflame Dragon. Unfortunately, all of them were forced to retreat before they could even get far into Fyre Cave…

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Regardless, I’ve inherited a map to the cave, as well as a detailed plan. With the map and our combined powers, I believe that we’ll be able to make it further in! Even if we’re forced to retreat, we should be able to escape in one piece with each other’s help! ” replied Walter.

“Excellent!”  said Gerald.

“Then it’s settled. I’ll gather a few of my men tonight, and once dawn comes, we’ll all head to Fyre cave together! Are you fine with staying at my place tonight?”

“No problem!” declared Gerald before following Walter back to the Zeman family’s residence…

It was later that night when Gerald could be seen lying on his bed in the room that Walter had provided him with. Understandably restless after all that had happened today, Gerald had been pondering about his next step from the moment he laid down.

From what he had sorted out, once he was done with Walter’s quest, he would return to Weston and send his men out to search for the Divine Fruit tree. Following that, he would need to search high and low for any witch descendants. Gerald, for one, refused to believe that such a powerful group of people would be wiped out that easily. With that in mind, if he still couldn’t locate them, then the second-best thing to do was to play the waiting game…!

Just as Gerald had made his mind up, the sound of thunder erupted from the outside! Immediately opening his eyes, the boy then bolted toward the source of the sound! Shortly after, Gerald was greeted by the sight of two men standing on the rooftops…

One of them was Walter, while the other was a white-haired old man dressed in shabby clothes…

Before Gerald could even process what was happening, Walter placed his hands against his back before sternly asking, “Thunder Swordlord… To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Let’s just say that a little birdy told me that you were preparing to hunt down the Redflame Dragon!

With that in mind, I now know that you still have the map leading to Fyre Cave! To think that you’ve tricked me all this time!” scoffed the old man as he glared at Walter with greedy eyes.

“Ryder Weir, you’ve made yourself a name in the cultivation realm, have you not? To think that  you’d still be pestering me so shamelessly after all this time! You’re an embarrassment to the cultivation realm!” retorted Walter.

“ Say what you want, but I’m not leaving without the map! You told me you had burnt it back then, so I’m glad I didn’t buy your lies! Regardless, you’re searching for the Redflame Dragon to cure your daughter, no? Why don’t we just join forces?” proposed Ryder with a sinister grin.

“Please, I know you well enough. If we really do kill the dragon, it’s not like you’d let us leave in one piece! Your selfishness knows no bounds!” scoffed Walter with a sarcastic chuckle.

“So that’s your answer… Then allow me to show you the power of my Thunder Sword…!” growled Ryder as he sharpened his gaze before drawing his blade!

“Thunder Strike! ” roared Ryder as he lifted his blade, causing the golden sword to charge up with electricity as it swung toward Walter! With how

immense the power was, even the air seemed to momentarily get twisted…!

Knowing how dangerous the attack was, Walter immediately yelled, “Lonsdaleite Shield! ”

Following that, a golden shield suddenly materialized before Walter! Unfortunately, as the sword struck the shield, a sickening crack could be heard…!

“F*cking hell! ” roared Walter as he watched the sword pierce through his shield!

Thankfully, Gerald was quick to act! Leaping toward the duo, he drew all the power within his Herculean Primordial Spirit… and through sheer will, he was able to deflect the attack away from Walter! Had he been a split second too late, Walter would’ve surely perished… Whatever the case was, the energy from the deflected attack quickly collided with a massive, old tree… and after a deafening explosion, nothing remained of it…!

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